LED Flame Effect Light Bulb - Bringing You Safe Home Decor

The importance of lighting in your home goes really high as no one ever really wants their abode to be looking dreary or dim. This automatically makes your home look unwelcoming, scary and you can’t be in Halloween spirit all year round!

Lighting is very important and you should try your best to fix a bulb in very dark corner and spot in your residence. Moreover, with the broad variety of lighting options that are available in the market you have a huge bunch of choices in front of you.

From artificial lighting options to natural ones; you always have choices in front of you to choose from. However, the most preferred type of lighting must be the natural one because it keeps your home’s ambiance laidback and relaxed.

So it would of course be a delightful piece of news to you to hear about the newest kind of natural lighting option for you: the LED flame effect light bulb.

What Are LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs?

Candlelight! The mere sound of it makes your nerves unwind and relax, no?

Everyone loves candlelight but incorporating it in their homes seems quite hard if you look at it from the safety point of view. Open fire should never be left unattended to in any home. We don’t live in the Ice Age anymore, folks!

So, usually homeowners are left stumped, bewildered and frustrated by how they can improve their house’s lighting. And that is where the LED flame effect light bulb comes in the picture.

The light bulb which is designed to resemble the real glow and light of a candle is possibly the best thing to be fixing into your home. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors, keeping there a calm and peaceful environment all the time.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Them?

led flame effect light bulb

  • Light glow looks very realistic and compares to that of a candle
  • Perfect as a night light
  • Low energy consumption
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Very compact size of bulbs, fits almost everywhere
  • Affordable and economically perfect.

Where to Buy These Bulbs?

led flame bulb

These picturesque bulbs are up on sale for purchase here. Choose a size suitable for you from the 2 bulbs available, one measuring 4 x 13 cm and the other measuring 6 x 14 cm, approximately.

Both bulbs run on 7W and 9W, respectively.

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