Life With A Toddler Can Be Tough, But It Could Be A Whole Lot Easier With These 25 Ingenious and Helpful Products

From the moment that they're born, life with an infant changes everything! Things that used to be so easy, suddenly become major undertakings. Spur of the moment adventures now take weeks, in advance, to plan and a quick trip to the grocery for milk and bread becomes a lesson in patience and strategy. Sleep is a thing of the past and a perfectly clean and tidy home is only something that you dream about in the fleeting moments that you actually fall into something resembling the REM state. 

Then, just as you think your life is about to get a little bit easier, that adorable, little squirming bundle, that previously could only lay in the same position that he or she was placed in, suddenly becomes more active and then, mobile, and before you can barely comprehend how quickly it all happened, you find yourself in TODDLER TIME! Now, toddler time is challenging, as a matter of fact, life with a toddler can be really tough, and that's where we come in! 

From fear of the dark and organization issues, to fussy eaters and outings with a tantrum throwing tot, we've got you covered! Check out these 25 ingenious and helpful products that are guaranteed to make life with a toddler a whole lot easier! 

25. Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer

Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer

Being organized is one of the most important things a parent can do in order to feel like they have some sort of control over the situation. With this custom made, Kids Car Seat Storage Organizer you can keep your car clean and organized, with all of the essentials at arms reach and neatly arranged for easy access.

This adorable organizer is perfect for babies, toddlers, kids and even young teens. Featuring handy pockets for everything from bottles and books, to crayons, pens and even cd's, this handy, kids storage organizer would make an amazing addition to your basic necessities gear!

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24. Dino Kids Back Pack

Dino Kids Backpack

Ultra-bright and totally awesome, this cool Dino Kids Back Pack is made with the finest materials, that are highly visible, and features a fun, decorative print and a super cute, spiky dino tail! Lightweight and perfectly functional, this adorable back pack offers plenty of room and pocket space for holding all of your little one's important items like; toys, snacks, change of clothes, or even school supplies. It's great for daycare, trips to the zoo, pre-school or picnics. With adjustable straps and a cushioned back for extra support, this back pack is perfect for kids from 2-7 years old!

Any little dinosaur lover will go crazy for this fun, Dino Kids Backpack and a happy toddler is a wonderful thing!

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23. Baby Pop-Up Beach Tent

Baby Pop-Up Beach Tent

This multi-functional, Baby Pop-Up Beach Tent  is ideal for outdoor or indoor play and is sure to make adventure time with your toddler an enjoyable and safe experience.

Perfect for backyard field trips and more, this play tent is made of UPF 50+ polyester fabric, to prevent the sun's harmful rays from penetrating and harming your tot and the mesh design on the backside allows fresh air in and out. It can also be filled with water to create an instant kiddie pool, for children under the age of three. 

This versatile pop-up tent is also great for indoor play, as it works perfectly as a play tent as well, and can be set up in less than 10 seconds, thanks to its smart pop up design. This 3-in-1 Baby Pop-Up Beach Tent is so much more than just a sun shade canopy!

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22. Sand Proof Beach Mat

Sand-Proof Beach Mat

Speaking of fun in the sun, this Sand-Proof Beach Mat is another ingenious product. The unique and patented technology delivers a completely sand-proof experience, making it softer, more comfortable and better than any towel or picnic blanket out there and the softer material is easily folded into a small carry bag. 

Made of soft, dual-mesh material, this beach mat lets dirt and sand particles fall right through it, without sticking to anything, and the mat even keeps dirt and sand underneath it from coming back up the other way. 

Perfect for all outdoor recreation, this lightweight mat features quick-dry material, so you can use it for so much more than just a fantastic sand-proof beach mat. It's ideal for camping, picnics, sporting events and outdoor occasions and if your little one spills a drink, no problem! That's an easy fix, as spilled drinks will bead on the surface, allowing them to be wiped up quickly and easily, so that the outdoor fun doesn't have to come to an abrupt end! 

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21. Dino Food Holder

Dino Food Holder

Anyone who knows anything about toddlers will tell you that they can be the pickiest eaters on earth! Make meal time FUN for them using this DINOmite Dino Food Holder! This Triceratops-shaped food holder is the perfect, meal-time accessory to spark your little one's imagination. Designed to keep the food upright, and eye-catching, this dino-shaped food holder is amazingly appealing to any youngster and is the perfect, meal-time accessory to spark their imagination. Perfect for holding burritos, sandwiches, hot dog buns, waffles and more, this cool dino food holder will have your toddler begging for seconds!

Completely food safe and BPA-free, the high-quality design is durable enough to take just about any kind of punishment that young children can dish out. 

Add a bit of fun to your dinner table and make your toddler's meals a thrilling adventure!

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20. Baby Stroller Organizer Bag

Deluxe Mommy Diaper Backpack

Finding your phone or keys in an over-sized diaper bag can be a real hassle! Spacious, yet compact, the smartly-designed Baby Stroller Organizer Bag provides convenient storage for all of your baby's essentials, while offering you easy access to your important items, while you're out and about. 

This cute and stylish stroller bag is universally compatible with most stroller models. The adjustable caddie fastens securely around the stroller handles to keep your belongings up, at waist level, for quick, easy retrieval. 

This exquisitely crafted stroller organizer features a detachable divider along the edges so that you can split the main compartment in two and you can even adjust the size of the two spaces by flipping the divider over! It's perfect for walks through the park with your little one!

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19. No Mess Pack and Play

No Mess Pack and Play

One thing about toddlers, they are professional mess-makers! With this No Mess Pack and Play, your house stays tidy and your child's toys store away in seconds!

This portable, kid's toy storage bag keeps your child's toys organized and conveniently handy. To use it, simply spread the bag out for play time and all the bits and pieces stay together in one neat area. When it's time to put things away, just pull on the rope and in a snap, everything's gathered neatly, effortlessly and quickly! 

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18. Adjustable Grid Drawer Divider Pack

Adjustable Grid Drawer Dividers Pack

A well-organized parent is a happy parent and this ingenious, Adjustable Grid Drawer Divider Pack is just the thing to keep your toddlers belongings neat and orderly! 

If your child's dresser always ends up a cluttered mess, no matter how many times you fold and organize, this drawer organizer is the answer to all your problems! Find all your child's items at a glance, with these handy organizer grids.

Helpful and easy to use, this tool is technically designed for use as an organizer for lingerie, hosiery, undergarments, and other accessories, however, it could also come in super handy for arranging, sorting and grouping your toddlers, tiny clothing and accessories! Perfectly constructed to be functional and compact, these drawer dividers are all you'll need to achieve a perfectly tidy and orderly toddler, dresser drawers.

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17. Sandwich Bread Mold Cutters

Sandwich Bread Mold Cutters

The key to a well-fed toddler is to make meal time fun and these child-friendly, Sandwich Bread Mold Cutters are just what you need to transform your little one's snacks or meals into a unique and exciting experience that will always leave them eager to see what you'll cook up next!

With a variety of shapes, from dinosaurs to dolphins, this 9 piece set of food cutters are perfect for girls or boys and are ideal for picky eaters, as they remove the crusts, making it impossible for fussy eaters not to enjoy each and every mouthful!

These 100% food-safe sandwich molds are so easy to use, even your child can do it. Just press the mold down into your sandwich, bread or other food choice and twist to release the shape. It's the perfect way to encourage your child's involvement in food prep and they'll love eating their own creations while learning to have a healthy food attitude.

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16. Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter

Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter

Well, you've got your child's sandwich cut into fun and interesting shapes, but why stop there? Now, you can cut their fruits, cheese, meats and veggies into fun, appealing shapes, quickly and easily with the Fruit & Vegetable Shaper Cutter.

This kit includes a 3-piece tool and six fun shapes- a circle, a heart, a flower, a butterfly, a sun and a star. It's so easy to use, just push, pop and create! No need for a knife or cookie cutter and it's easy to clean. What a Fun-tastic way to make delicious, edible creations that your toddler will go crazy for!

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15. Toilet Seat Light Glow

Toilet Seat Light Glow

Late night trips to the potty can be a scary prospect! Let the soft glow of our Toilet Seat Light Glow night light lead your little one on his or her way! 

This convenient, LED night light is motion-activated and automatically turns on when needed. It features a color changing option, so your tot can choose the coolest color!

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14. Deluxe Mommy Diaper Backpack

Deluxe Mommy Diaper Backpack

Having a baby is a lot of work. You're always on the go, and it's important to have all of baby's essentials with you. From baby food and bottles, to diapers and wet wipes, every parent needs a bag that will fit it all. The Deluxe Mommy Diaper Backpack makes traveling with your baby easy and fun.

This stylish diaper bag organizer can serve as a regular handbag or backpack, even after your child outgrows their diaper wearing stage. Made of quality, waterproof fabric, this bag is durable enough to last for years and features 3-insulated pockets, tons of space, side pockets, a unisex design and two-way carry, so you can stay hands-free, using the adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to care for baby!

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13. Teddy Night Light

Teddy Night Light

Your toddler will absolutely LOVE our adorable, Teddy Night Light!

It's perfect for comforting your youngster, while he or she falls asleep. This battery operated lamp emits a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages. Boys and girls alike, will love carrying this soothing light from bedroom to hallway or to the potty for those late night trips. 

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12. "Mama Bear" T-Shirt

"Mama Bear" T-Shirt

Wise, fearless and protective, a good Mama Bear is a healthy mixture of all three characteristics and it doesn't hurt to let the whole world know where you stand when it comes to your little one! 

The adorable "Mama Bear" T-Shirt is a simple and trendy top with a graphic floral and bear design that's made of an unbelievably soft and stretchy cotton blend material. This go-to piece is perfect for layering under practically anything and it's so comfortable you'll want to live in it!

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11. Plate Sauce Holders

Plate Sauce Holders

One thing about toddlers, they can be mighty messy eaters! Make breakfast, snack time, lunch time and dinner time a little bit neater with these handy Plate Sauce Holders.

These convenient, little side bowls clip securely to the rim of any plate and hold syrup, condiments, dips, guacamole and even smaller finger foods like blueberries, sliced grapes, cheese cubes, bite size crackers or goldfish and more. These side bowls keep your toddler's meals from swimming in sauces, so there's no more soggy food and your little one enjoys each delicious mouthful!

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10. Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

Toting a toddler and all of the many necessities that often accompany one, can be a real back breaker! Treat yourself to a relaxing, deep tissue massage anytime you've had a long, hard day lifting, carrying, hoisting and  heaving, with this amazing Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain!

Featuring two soft, yet firm, silicone balls, that resemble golf balls, the rollerball massager is designed to feel just like a therapist's comforting hands. These soft, silicone balls deeply penetrate tight muscles and target pressure points, providing you with instant relief from sore, aching muscles and knots in your neck and shoulders. 

Massage, squeeze and knead away all that tension and pain by giving yourself a vigorous and deep massage wherever you are! Slender and lightweight, the rollerball massager can be carried with you anywhere and stowed away easily in a bag, knapsack, glove box, etc.

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9. My Talking Pet Hamster

My Talking Pet Hamster

Talk about the PERFECT PET for your toddler! This sweet, little talking hamster loves repeating everything your youngster says, but in its own, adorable, little critter voice, which is sure to amaze and delight your child!

Kids love hearing My Talking Pet Hamster as he laughs, sings a silly song or speaks. To hear him talk, just squeeze his left paw and record a short message that you'd like to hear him say. He'll repeat that message right back to you in his funny, high-pitched voice. He even imitates male and female voices!

This amazing little hamster even responds to touch and has an auto shaking feature. His head bops up and down automatically when he's repeating and when he's being patted. Your toddler will have hours of fun playing with his or her adorable, new pet!

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8. Anti Lost Child Wrist Link

Anti-Lost Child Wrist Link

In a world filled with uncertainty, the last thing you want to have to worry about is losing your child in a crowd and with this ingenious, Anti-Lost Child Wrist Link, you won't have to worry about that any more. This wrist link will keep your precious child safe at all times!

With this child wrist link, your toddler is safe and sound, right by your side, at all times. The cord is extremely secure and durable and features a double layer Velcro strap with a strong, connecting, coiled wire. 

Constructed of high-quality, breathable cotton, the safety wrist straps are super soft for maximum comfort, so the wrist link is perfect for a child's sensitive skin. Convenient for both you and your child, the child wrist link will keep your little one from wandering off and getting lost while walking or traveling. 

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7. Unicorn Mood Lamp

Unicorn Mood Lamp

Enhance your child's room with a soft and magical glow, when you turn on this unique, Unicorn Mood Lamp. Your toddler will be completely mesmerized as this adorable, multi-colored lamp gives off an enchanted radiance all throughout the night. 

This delicately muted light fixture features a long lasting LED bulb and can be used as a night light or an eye-catching bedside lamp. Your little one will love watching his colors change as he phases through seven different shades, creating a calming and luminous ambiance in the room

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6. Car Seat Headrest Mount Phone & Tablet Holder

Car Seat Headrest Mount-Phone & Tablet Holder

Driving with a unhappy toddler can be a nerve-wracking experience. Check out this innovative, Car Seat Headrest Mount Phone & Tablet Holder!

Crafted using only high-quality materials, this removable headrest mount platform clamps to the rear of the headrest and holds a monitor firmly in place. It can be adjusted to just the right position and the 360-degree swivel ball head joint allows for a perfectly customized view. 

Hold phones and tablets conveniently on the headrest so that your little passenger is entertained with his or her favorite movies, while you drive safely in peace and quiet! 

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5. Cute Storage & Laundry Bags

Cute Storage & Laundry Bags

Unique and durable, these Cute Storage & Laundry Bags would make EXTRA-FUN additions to your toddler's room! Store your child's dirty duds in these heavy-duty, canvas laundry bags, with perfectly ADORABLE designs on the front; Doggy, Sleepy, ABC or Camera. 

They're even perfect for the playroom! Use them for storing small toys or blocks, instead of using heavy toy boxes or bulky totes or bins. 

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4. Portable Gumball Interactive Glow Lamp

Portable Gumball Interactive Glow Lamp

If your toddler is anxious or afraid when going on a late night trip to the potty, this enchanting Portable Gumball Interactive Glow Lamp could be just what you need to help him/her overcome that fear. 

Sleek and lightweight, this high-quality, LED glow lamp makes a completely captivating nightlight, and better yet, this interactive light fixture features removable glow globes, that can be set to a specific color of your child's choosing. It's perfect for those late night trips to the bathroom, as the removable, phosphorescent glow globes can be used as portable nightlights! The child-safe design is cool to the touch and sits steady on a bedside table.

The soft, soothing glow makes bedtime relaxing and reassuring!

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3. Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn

Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn

Elevate your little one's playtime with this adorable, electronic, Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn. Imaginative and FUN, this walking, singing, plush unicorn is sure to be your child's all-time favorite! He's soft and fluffy and he enjoys going on walks so much that he sings when your child takes him out. With the simple push of a button (located on the heart-shaped handle) your child's unicorn pet will walk alongside him/her and move its head, wag its tail and sing a song that's sure to thrill and delight your tyke! 

Your child is sure to LOVE this adorable and cuddly little unicorn and you'll enjoy watching as your little one's imagination takes flight!

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2. Adorably Funny Baby Romper Mop

Adorably Funny Baby Romper Mop

We said that we could make life with a toddler a whole lot easier, and we meant it! A baby's natural inclination is to explore, and that means that every nook and cranny in your house will be sparkling clean in no time, if he/she is wearing this Adorably Funny Baby Romper Mop! 

Super soft and very comfortable, this funny romper features a mop made of ultra absorbent materials that are designed to clean and shine your floor as your little one explores his/her universe. When baby is done cleaning, the mop is tailored for easy on and off. If you buy 2 or more, baby can be busy while you wash the dirty duds. 

One less thing you have to worry about, and less time spent cleaning means more time loving on your little helper!

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1. Little Banana Toothpaste Dispenser

Little Banana Toothpaste Dispenser

Add a little excitement to your toddler's bedtime routine with this Little Banana Toothpaste Dispenser! This device is an absolute must-have in households with little ones. It features a fun and recognizable character that kids will LOVE!

This hands-free toothpaste dispenser saves toothpaste and avoids messes, while allowing small kids to be more independent, and it holds two toothbrushes for convenient access. No more fighting your little one to brush his/her teeth before bedtime. The Little Banana Toothpaste Dispenser makes brushing FUN!

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