Magic Sticky Pads – To Get You Out Of Sticky Situations

There have been quite a bunch of new inventions that help solve our weirdest problems. Problems that we can't even begin to explain have already found their solutions!

One of those many famous and highly frustrating problems is for example when you put your phone on charge and have nowhere to place your phone.

Or when you keep misplacing your tools in the shed because you do not have a proper arrangement to keep them hanging somewhere. Another dilemma is with your bathroom sink and cabinet that is too crowded with bottles of all sorts.

Don’t even start on those slippery rugs! One second you’re standing on top of them and the next you’re scrambling and landing on your behind as the rug slips from beneath you.

All these issues have one thing in common and that is the need of…something sticky! We’re talking about the famous Magic Sticky Pads!

What Are Magic Sticky Pads?

Small strips of super sticky and reusable tape, magic sticky pads sure are magical in every way! They are used for a variety of different purposes and help in eradicating many of your problems for good.

These pads made from clear silicone material are very durable and sustainable to all sorts of external damage such as UV rays and sunlight. They can practically sticky anything to any surface, anywhere.

Regardless of what you plan to stick, these can handle any sticky situation.  

Benefits of Using Sticky Pads?

Magic Sticky Pads

  • Ability to support 5 pounds of weight
  • Reusable (just wash the pads with warm water and leave to air dry)
  • Zero damage removal
  • No sticky residue
  • They eradicate the use of screws, drills and nails in your walls
  • Easily removable for replacement purposes
  • Resistant to high temperature and exposure to UV rays
  • Used to remove pet hair and dust
  • Customizable (you can cut and shape it according to your liking)

How to Use These Pads?

Sticky Pads

Usually, in one pack of sticky pads (you will find the purchase link below) you get 10 pads that will definitely last you a lifetime. All you have to do is remove the protective plastic layer that comes on every pad to cover the adhesive part.

After removing the plastic top, simply position the pad wherever you like and press it on there. Hold it there for up 5-7 seconds then release.

That’s it! Your sticky pads are stuck.

Where to Buy Them?

sticky pads for walls

Get yourself a bunch of these lifesavers right here for as less as $20 for a pack of 10 sticky pads. At a 50% discount, they’re a right steal!

DO NOT stick the pads on valuable/precious items for long periods of time. They do not work on rubber and silicone products or grainy, delicate, oily and rough surfaces. Also do not use them to vertically stick up items weighing more than a pound.

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