How to make perfect smoothies anywhere with this portable bottle blender

You could find every other person to be consumed by wanderlust. Some travel to learn about other cultures and environments while others find it a way of escaping their over-burdened and pressuring work lives, teenagers generally do it solely for fun and enjoyment while travel bloggers earn money out of their trips. Whatever the reason may be, it’s one of the ever-growing trends.

What’s the first thing people ask each other while preparing for the trip? What to pack - As exhilarating as the preparations can be, they can be as exhaustive and “mind-taking” too. Portability is the key to smart packing as you get the most out of the available space. There are several traveling gadgets that have made lives so much easier which includes Smart travel adapter, Travel iron, Travel pillows, Make-up bag, and the Bottle blender.

What is a portable bottle blender?

Portable Bottle Blender

No extra marks for guessing that! It is a bottle-size rechargeable blender that can be carried easily on trips, inside luggage or personal bags. Instead of carrying those bulky blender stations which need an external electrical connection, this product lets you have smoothies, milkshakes, and juices on the go. How cool is that!

They are incorporated with powerful motors and fast-moving blades that shred the contents very fine and provide you the exact taste as you get at your home. But the hottest feature is the rechargeable battery which makes it convenient for trips; it can be charged via any USB port present in the car or a power bank.

Benefits of having it

bottle blender

In this modern age of portability, having this item is highly advantageous.

1. Keeps you healthy

Traveling especially for long periods of time can tire up your body, therefore, you need a quick energizer always. A portable bottle blender can provide just that. Simply take out your stored strawberries, blueberries, or bananas and pour them inside the bottle with milk and sugar to blend it and voila, you have got yourself a vitamin-enriched milkshake.

Your body requires certain nutrients, minerals. and vitamins daily and this item won’t let you be devoid of them even on trips, which you are likely to otherwise. It provides the fuel to keep you going and a refresher to invigorate a fatigued body.

2. Let’s you continue your healthy routine

Are you afraid you will skip your daily intake of calories and nutrients while you are away on the trip? It’s a genuine concern because you worked so hard to get in shape owing to specific fruit and veggie smoothies and traveling mustn’t halt it. With this portable blender, you are now in luck as it will serve you with all the fluids you used to take back home and ultimately, your lifestyle is maintained. 

3. An inexpensive way of getting perked up

How often does this happen to you? You have been driving or been on a trip ride for a long time and your body starts aching. You stop in front of a juice corner or restaurant to get a quick drink and the vendor ends up demanding a handsome charge for it. You can’t say no because you have consumed up the drink already.

This blender allows you to escape this “financial drain” as you can have a brilliant cocktail yourself by purchasing items from a local fruit market instead of having that in an over-priced restaurant. If you are carrying the requirements with you, that makes it even cheaper.

What makes a perfect bottle blender?

portable blender

While there are various models out there, it becomes difficult to decide which one to buy. Here are some helpful buying considerations.

Charging option

No doubt it is a rechargeable item but charging ports can vary. USB ports are the most universal ports but some models may have other types too so you must see it before purchasing. Few models also contain removable rechargeable cells that need special chargers.


It’s actually the small size that makes it so fit to be carried around in backpacks, hand carry or even purse. You will find variable sizes in the market and online but be careful to buy the model that suits your personal needs. Normal sizes range from 12-20 oz.


What benefit will it bring if it can’t cut the fruit in drinkable bits? Therefore, you should certainly consider the motor ratings while deciding which model to opt for. Normally, 150-300W motors are suitable. It should also be stated that these are tiny blenders with limited functionality and must not be compared with a full-sized blender of your home.

Getting the maximum out of it

1.   To enjoy a well-shredded smoothie or milkshake, first, pour the liquid and then the solid contents into the blender as that accounts for better circulation.

2.   Cut the fruits and vegetables into tiny bits before blending them. These products contain small motors that may not have the power to slice large pieces.

3.   Clean the bottle every time after use. This would make it last longer. Wash it with a liquid dishwasher if possible and dry it before storing it in the bag.

Where to buy?

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