Salad Cutter Bowl – A Comprehensive Guide & Review for You

Completing chores around the kitchen is a task that surprisingly takes more time than usual. Every housewife or homemaker can guarantee you that every 5 hours feel like 1 hour in kitchen time. Truth is, everything that has to do with kitchens generally always takes time. Literally!

Whether it is preparing a dish of your liking or even doing something as small as cutting up vegetables, the task somehow manages to take up 4 times the time it usually takes. So this is why many people prefer to introduce certain appliances and tools to help them reduce the time they spend in the kitchen.

There are many varying appliances and instruments used in the kitchen that completely change how you do your chores and make all your tasks way easier. The salad cutter bowl is one of those kitchen gadgets that help you immensely at every time you need.

Basically, as its name says it is used for making salads quickly. Because everyone knows how grueling it is to sit and pore over a cutting board as you slice away at multiple vegetables. The process is tiring and takes way too much time. That is when you decide to use such a cutter bowl and enhance your kitchen experience.

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What is A Cutter Bowl and How to Use It?

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Ever heard of a charming 2 in 1 kind of gadget that helps you execute multiple tasks at once? That is the case with a cutter bowl. It consists of two parts. One is a bowl that has a lined base. Except that the lines engraved in the base are actually slits for your knife to go into them. The other part is a flat lid that covers the bowl while you cut away. In this salad cutter bowl review you will learn all about how to use this awesome gadget! Read on.

Basically, how it works is that you have to uncover the bowl, fill it up to about ¾ with fresh vegetables. Then rinse under an open tap (yes here’s the 2 in 1 deal thing), the vegetables will drain all excess water through the aforementioned slits in the base of the bowl. Then you want to cover the bowl with that lid and then set it upside down on a platform. Now with the help of the slits in the base you can run your knife through them and cut away.

But that’s not all!

After you have chopped up the vegetables by running your knife through the slits, now you need to twist the bowl (only the bowl) 90 degrees as it sits on top of the lid. In this way you can thoroughly cut up your veggies for your delicious salads.

Where to Buy A Salad Cutter Bowl

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It is the wish of every person to always purchase their items and choose to swipe their credit card for a reliable store. If a store or any retailer is not reliable enough then it makes sense for the customers to be a little reluctant in coming near it. So that is why you will be getting to know about Inspire Uplift today!

The store has been established from the ground up solely on the basis of how much its customers and fans adore it. With the help of admirers it has flourished and continues to do that. So that’s why the policy of the website is that it always puts its buyers first. Without any excuses, their customers are treated with 100% money back guarantee, speedy shipping and high-quality items.

And what better place is there for you to purchase your cutter bowl from? Lucky for you they stock this cutter bowl in 3 different shades with a whole section attached to the item page for you to read. The section tells you all about how to use the bowl alongside visual instructions.

Why You Should Buy A Cutter Bowl

Like it has been mentioned previously, a cutter bowl saves so much of your time. And as the saying goes time is money! There are times when you are hurrying around trying to cook up a yummy dinner for guests who have come on short notice. Or maybe you just came back from work and have to cook up a satisfying meal for your family. In such cases you hardly have hours and hours to sit in the kitchen poring over a cutting board and a knife, and preparing your vegetables.

With a cutter bowl you always save the expenses on buying fancy new cutting boards since its base (lid) already technically exists as a cutting board. Another huge backlash of using a classic cutting board is that your veggies never stay in one place. They always keep scooting all over the cutting board causing you to cut them up unevenly and your salad probably looks awful then. With a cutter bowl you have all your vegetables to be cut in one fixed place and you can quickly slice them up evenly.

The versatility the cutter bowl provides its customers is possibly the best thing ever. You can not only cut up vegetable salads in this bowl but you can also make fruit salads too. Any couple of fruits that you need to slice up for any reason, can be packed up in the bowl and cut up in so less time. If you need further proof then simply check out the user reviews of all the people who purchased this wonderful apparatus.

Inspire Uplift User Reviews

This section in this article is solely to help you understand how satisfied and happy all the people are who purchased this item. In this way you can make an independent judgment on why you should make it part of your kitchen too.

User ‘J L’ goes in a little detail on how they like to use the kitchen gadget and get the most out of it. They say:

“I just got mine today and it is exactly like the video I saw about this product.  After washing it out with warm, soapy water and rinsing, I put all my salad fixings in the bowl and got out my large knife.  I works!  I'm glad I purchased two of them because I'm going to take one to work to keep in my office so I can have salad for lunch that is freshly chopped!”

Vicky G. seems to be enjoying the experience thoroughly as she lists the many ways this bowl is highly useful in many different ways. Check out what she has to say:

“I can quickly make myself a salad for lunch. And because I have TMJ, I can easily chop it into small pieces to make it easier to chew. Another great thing is the items chopped don't scoot all over a cutting board while chopping. And being able to wash the produce in the bowl is handy also.”

Amy L. also drops her opinion as she reveals she uses the cutter bowl for in fact fruits and vegetables. She says:

“This cutter is fabulous. In a few easy steps it helps to create an instant salad, fruit or vegetables. Easy use, easy clean.”