All That You Need to Know About Solar Garden Fountains

Environment-conscious people are finding it harder to live their lives with ease as every new day passes by. There is always so much stress on how to save up on energy bills while still keeping their home collection to be stylish and classy.

No one wants a dimly lit dining room or a porch without lights. Same goes for other home decor items that require electricity to function properly. Garden fountains for instance are a big part of outdoor decor however they do use up a lot of electricity to function.

And who doesn’t want a fountain in their garden? It is beautiful in every way and makes the most wonderful display for you and your guests in the garden. The live display of water also attracts birds and friendly insects during the day.

However, the approach towards fountains has changed since the past couple of years. Now you no longer have to worry about your energy bills when deciding to set up a fountain in your outdoor area.

Did you know solar energy is now used for the operation of fountains? Let’s talk a bit about that!

What Are Solar Fountains

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Just like solar lights and other gadgets that harness the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, solar fountains are no different. They look like a normal fountain with a solar panel that is either incorporated into the design or mounted separately.

The panel consequently captures the sun’s rays and turns it into useful electricity. These kinds of fountains do not come with extra wiring or switches since you do not need to set up anything to the electricity outlet.

Solar fountains are known to work mostly during the day because of the availability of sunlight. It is worth adding to your knowledge that solar fountains can’t store the solar energy in any sort of way.

As the direct sunlight hits their panels, they function. Afterwards when nightfall arrives, the fountain won’t work. For that reason many people do not opt for it and it is not as popular as other fountains.

Types of Fountains

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When it comes to your garden decor, you must be selective about your choices. Not every type of fountain will work because it entirely depends on your house’s and garden’s style.

So here is some information on the many types of fountains there are:

  • Self-Contained Fountain

These types of fountains are elegant and look grand in every way possible. They are created in such a manner that their structure withholds all the water they are splashing.

Consequently, the water is pumped back into the system and it functions as a fountain by the water that is within its structure only. There is no external water source fixed into the fountain.

  • Wall Fountains

These are always fixed into walls, but that doesn’t cause any drawbacks for you. It looks very tasteful, takes up really less space and can be fixed practically anywhere. They come in self-contained styles as well depending on the design that you opt for.

They look best when fixed into lawns and gardens that aren’t really that natural. Where there is more infrastructure and less grass and flowers, these look best.

  • Disappearing Fountains

Just as the name depicts it, when it comes to these kinds of fountains; you will not find any water reservoir around them. They are meant to look like they’re drawing water up from nowhere.

But usually the water reservoir is underground and these fountains come in styles like urns, granite columns, millstones and so much more.

  • Japanese Fountains

For anyone with origins in that country as well as for people who have a big amount of adoration for Japanese art, these fountains are for everybody. Incorporating unique designs all the time and finding new ways to symbolize spirituality and physical cleansing; they are always a bright sight to see.

Most of the fountains use bamboo sticks to create art and a mechanism for the water to flow around in the fountain as it is a big part of their culture.

  • Tiered Fountains

The most popular kind of fountains that everyone likes putting in their garden, they look grand and classical at the same time. You can picture their style and design by picturing a wedding cake.

The tiers are usually 3 to 5 depending on how big the fountain is and each one contributes to transferring water to the next tier. 

Benefits of Using Solar Garden Fountains

The first and foremost advantage which plays in everyone’s favor is the fact that you don’t need to use any electrical wiring to set it up. In fact, the fountain needs no prior setting up at all. Simply place it somewhere in the sunlight and leave it to do its work independently.

You don’t have to worry about having an electric outlet close by, and that further enables you to set up your fountain anywhere you like. Not necessarily close to your home (because of the availability of electric outlets), you can even situate it on your rooftop if you have a rooftop garden.

Apart from these fountains saving up your energy bills they also require the least amount of maintenance as compared to motor-powered fountains. It is time to be known as the most eco-friendly person in the neighborhood.  

Where to Buy the Solar Garden Fountain

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Not jumping at the opportunity of buying one of these, is downright foolish. It is time to put an end to unnecessary spending. Buying an affordable solar garden fountain like this one will not only save your budget on the whole but will also save it in the long run too.

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How to Use the Solar Garden Fountain

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This solar garden fountain is easy to use and can actually be set up ANYWHERE. Upon purchase, you will not get a whole fountain to set up in your garden. Nope!

Instead, you will be getting a small solar-powered gadget that can be placed in any body of water to create a fountain effect. Whether it is a birdbath, pool or pond; this small mechanism will create a display of gorgeous effects.

The pump comes with 4 different fountain heads meaning so many different styles of water design that you will be seeing. Its functionality and ability to be placed anywhere, in any body of water is possibly the most liked feature about it.

You only have to ensure one thing and that there is direct sunlight on the solar panels which are all integrated in the design. So just make sure the whole thing is bathed in sunlight if you want it to work properly.