12 Amazing Star Quotes That Will Keep Your Dream Alive

Stars are one of the most wonderful creatures of God. Did I use the word creature for stars? Yes, they are alive, they are burning, and they are guiding.

Since the ancient era, stars are the guide for telling people their way and help to predict the direction.

Though with time, the need for stars for this purpose has been diminished, they are still wonderful to watch in the beautiful night sky. Not only this, many cultures have some special kind of stargazing festivals in which people dedicate their time to this activity solely.

This is the reason; we have presented these wonderful star quotes to you, which are taken from the words of the wise. Like stars, these quotes are the roadmap towards success, which helps you to stay motivated and keep looking in the direction of your destination.

No doubt, the stars are wonderful to watch and they have a way to inspire people as well as mesmerize them with their ultimate shine and unlimited enlightenment. Similarly, these star quotes have also a way to become spiritual guidelines and change the soul of the reader. Read them and get the ultimate inspiration and motivation in your life.

Look at the stars. See their beauty. And in that beauty, see yourself.-Draya Mooney

When we look at the stars, we do not just stare at them, but we get thousands of meanings in our life. With this kind of reflection, stars also mirror our shine and beauty. We understand that like these tiny beings, we are also a part of this world and have a way to be ourselves. This is what stars tell us.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

For Theodore Roosevelt, stars are not just a part of our galaxy, but instead, they are what we call the reminder of our destination. We should aim at higher goals, and for this purpose, we have to keep our head high. However, while doing this, we should not lose our ground, which would be such a shame.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. – William Shakespeare

For many people, stars are the way of guiding. In the same way, it is a common belief that our destiny is already written in the stars. William Shakespeare in his star quote declined this belief and suggested that we should believe in ourselves instead of having false beliefs.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. -Oscar Wilde

We are on this planet, and we have a way to reach the moon. In the same way, some of us are oblivious of our goals, and some of us are looking at dreams. Our example is the same in this way with the people in the gutter. Stars inspire them that one day; they will come out from their boundaries to touch them.

I love the stars. Because they cannot say anything. I love the stars. Because they do not judge anyone. -Natsuki Takaya

In this world, everyone is saying something and this something is almost based on the utter negative remarks and criticism. In this way, stars are the best companion; they listen to us but do not complain or brag. They also do not judge us by our actions and intentions.

For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent Van Gogh

In this world of despair and hopelessness, we can find happiness and a way to achieve it. In the same way, the one who loses motivation should look at the stars; they will tell you to dream and keep going forward. They are undoubtedly the ultimate inspiration.

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.-Sarah William

Most of us are afraid of the night and darkness, but stars have a way to keep us looking towards the morning. In the same way, when we drown in the ocean of despair, our dreams are a way of going ahead and keep dreaming. 

Each star is a mirror reflecting the truth inside you. -Aberjhani

Everything in this world either based on truth or lie. In the same way, when we contemplate and reflect ourselves while watching the stars. We realize how much is hidden in ourselves and what kind of truth we have possessed.

We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong. -Sir Arthur Eddington

In this world, we all are the result of the big bang. In the same way, we have small particles of stars in ourselves, which make us a part of them. However, with time, we do not remember how to keep the star in ourselves alive. We forget the warmth in us and get cold.

In the same way, we have beauty and shine just like the stars, but with time, we have forgotten how to keep them alive.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino

As the light has a way of clearly showing the direction and everything we want to see. In the same way, darkness is a way to let the celestial body shine which are the greatest sources of inspiration and beauty.

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream, precedes the goal. Rabindranath Tagore

We have our shine and a way of processing the things in the best and most positive way. In the same way, we can dream and check every goal, which leads us to reach towards the fulfillment of our dreams.\

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars. Henry Van Dyke

This is a life and every day of this life has its importance. So, instead of whining and telling people how miserable you are, we should be grateful for this life. We should be grateful for the things we can do in this day. Such as, we can work towards our goal, play what we want to play and most importantly, we can gaze at the stars after the hectic day, we have spent.