The Ultimate List of Summer Products You Need

Summers are like parties. They are enjoyable in themselves and are terrific fun. But every party gets a whole lot better when the right equipment is used with it.

For instance, a party is just fine without a disco ball and strobe lights. But once you add those things, the party is automatically taken to the next level. Such is the case with summers!

Your summers are probably going just fine and you are having the time of your life enjoying them. But with the addition of a few extra items in your lifestyle, you can truly get the most out of these couple of months.

Today you will be delving right into 5 of these miracle products that will truly transform your summers from mediocre to awesome. Take a look:

  1. Fruits and Vegetable Slicer

fruits and vegetable slicer

Summer is nothing without fruits. Fruits in your drinks. Fruits for breakfast, lunch and supper. Fruits in your body wash and even in your shampoo. Fruits make up a huge part of the summer.

And mostly, you will find watermelons, pineapples, honeydews and cantaloupes making a big appearance during the summertime. The answer to that is easy.

Since, in summer you need to hydrate yourself a lot, all these fruits have more than an 80% percentage composition of water in them. So instead of chugging bottles of plain water, people like to choose fruits as suitable and refreshing alternatives.

But, here arises an issue! Yes, these fruits are really important for you but cutting them is a task! Their thick and spiky rinds make them highly difficult candidates to cut apart. Thus we come to this genius invention which is about to save your summer.

This fruit and vegetable slicer makes cutting up and slicing any fruit super easy. Simply place its circle on top of the center of the fruit you wish to cut and push it down.

The stainless steel blades help to smoothly glide the slicer into any fruit given while the easy grip handles assist the holder’s hands to not slip. The slicer divides the fruit into 12 slices with a long cylindrical section in the middle…for style! 👉 Shop Now

  1. Magic Ice Pop Maker

Magic Ice Pop Maker

What is summer without ice? It goes in your drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, ice creams and sometimes on your body. Yea, ice is kind of a big deal in summer.

However, making ice on the go or packing it with you gets a bit tricky because you don’t have an ice tray bearing freezer to pack with you wherever you go. Of course you can freeze your ice cubes beforehand then pack them.

But where’s the fun in that?

An ice pop maker is an easy and practical way of you making ice ‘balls’ (not cubes) in the smoothest manner possible. This is how it works:

The container on the outside is made of silicon and you’ll find it covered with little bubbles which are actually indentations on the inside so they can be filled up with water. Then, inside the ice maker is another container that takes up the majority of the space.

The purpose of this special design is to keep the water in the bubbles only so you can get ice frozen into little aesthetic spherical balls. Moreover, the space in the middle can be taken up by a wine bottle or a can of juice.

A portable and contemporary way of cooling your bottles and making ice on the go, this one’s the real deal! 👉 Buy Now

  1. Mosquito Net + Hammock

Mosquito Net Hammock

If you’re not going camping this summer, then what are you even doing? Spending time outdoors is absolutely essential during the summertime. However a plethora of bugs and mosquitos also share the same viewpoint.

Hence, you’re stuck with them during your time outdoors…and they don’t let you pass your time easily. Even with your skin doused in many layers of mosquito repellant, they still find a way to stick to you.

This is why you need to cop yourself a super handy treehouse hammock complete with a mosquito net as well. This summer you get to sleep under the stars and watch the night sky and maintain your sanity by not being eaten alive by bugs.

Available in many colors as well as our favorite; the camouflage, the hammock can be strung up anywhere between two trees. The hammock is made of nylon and can withstand 660 lbs of weight.

You can also use this hammock as a hammock alone by tucking the mosquito net beneath the hammock. 👉 Buy Now

  1. Wearable Fan

Wearable Cooler Fan

Ever felt so comfortable in front of a fan that you didn’t want to ever budge? Yep, quite a relatable feeling indeed! However, responsibilities and chores do not halt during the summer time for your sake.

Nope, you have to keep doing everything even in this sweltering heat. However, there is a solution for you and it is as ridiculous as it is genius. Pure genius!

The wearable fan is a terrific gadget that brings you the coolness and portability of a normal fan but personalized for you only wherever you go. It is worn around the neck and is super light and almost feels like nothing.

Generating a healthy cool breeze around your neck, shoulders and face you can now carry on with your usual tasks during this awful heat and still feel at ease. The two wind heads keep there a constant and cooling breeze billowing around you at all times.

There are 3 adjustable speeds and it is rechargeable. When fully charged the fan can run constantly for 6-10 hours. Talk about getting your money’s worth! 👉 Get it Now

  1. Cooling Pillow

cooling pillow

Everyone knows the age old trick of flipping your pillow to its cool side!

Yea, it gets super annoying when you keep turning your pillow to its cool side while you sleep. This is why the Cooling Pillow, is going to be the best investment of yours this summer. Better than anything else on this list!

With the cooling pillow, all you have to do is fill up the pillow (which can be filled with water just by the way) with cold water. The coldness of the water is entirely up to you!

Two sided with PVC and soft touch the pillow can even be popped in the freezer to get it to cool down in time for your sleep time. It is super comfortable and can be used on its own or you can slip it into a pillow case.

However most people like to place it atop of their actual pillow for an added amount of comfort. 👉 Shop Now