Did You Know What These Types of Gloves Are For

It is such a relief to know that a handy item that you use on a daily basis is available in a large variety that you can choose from. This simply aids you to make the best decision on which item in specific to actually buy.

When it comes to gloves not only do you have a large variety to choose from but you also get to take your pick from different types as well. The many types of gloves that exist to help in certain situations and even people.

If you’re thinking how that could ever be possible, check out these different types:

Garden Gloves with Claws

Gardening is an absolute hell no if you don’t have protection on you at all times. There is always pesky bugs crawling up your arms, dirt going under your nails and the persistent scent of fertilizer clinging to your skin.

There is only one guaranteed way of avoiding all this and it is with gloves. However, these gardening gloves take your experience a notch higher with their integrated claw fingers.

As much as gardening may be a peaceful hobby to indulge in, it sure would help to have an extra hand of help. In this case you don’t need to fetch digging tools all the time and switch between them when you can do it all with your hand.

The inbuilt claws in the fingers make these rubber-latex gloves way more convenient and they save your time and hands from rough items like thorns, pebbles and jagged rocks. Adjustable and fitting for all hands the gloves are comfortable, highly resistant and waterproof. 👉 Buy Now

Gloves for Peeling and Cleaning

Gloves for Peeling and Cleaning

A good amount of your time in the kitchen is taken up by prepping vegetables and fruits. Peeling them, washing them or rinsing them surprisingly takes up a good hunk of our time. If only we could minimize this time period…

Surprise, surprise! With these cleaning and peeling gloves you can cut back half or more on the time you spend prepping your veggies. The gloves are normal except for the top layer of the fingers and palm which is decked with a series of small bumps.

The bumps are like exfoliating elements that you can use to scrape off the peel from vegetables like potatoes, yam, cucumbers, turnips…etc. It barely takes a minute to run the vegetable under water and give it a good scrubbing with your gloved hands.

Some customers have reported that they have even used these gloves for washing dishes and scraping off bits of stuck food from unlucky pots and pans. Multipurpose and highly efficient your kitchen needs these gloves and you need to listen to your kitchen! 👉 Shop Now

Grooming Gloves for Pets

Grooming Gloves for Pets

Got a pet? Well, we all know how well that goes. At first, they are adorable and lovable and then they start shedding everywhere. You will find their long hairs in your food, soup, water, mouth, eyes and attached to every piece of clothing you will ever own.

Having a pet is a wonderful experience but it shouldn’t come at a high price like this. There is one logical solution to this issue and it is to regularly brush your pet so all the excess hair can come off at a given time and not all over the house.

For that you need these highly practical grooming gloves. With their enhanced finger design you can reach places that are not usually touched with a comb or brush like the tail and legs.

Moreover you minimize time you spend brushing but at the same time spend an adequate period with your pet bonding and playing. The nubs and rubbery blunt spikes that cover the hand of the glove help in dislocating all loose fur and hairs.

Give your dog and yourself an upgraded experience. 👉 Get it Here

Fingerless Long Fashion Gloves

Fingerless Long Fashion Gloves

For the sake of fashion, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and/or style. These incredibly soft and comfortable fingerless gloves provide you with practicality and functionality. You no longer have to worry about taking them off for texting.

These gloves give you the best of both worlds by warming up your arms as well as your hands but keeping your fingertips free. Available in a variety of colors to match with your wardrobe’s contents they feature a flawless knit design with lace detail.

Manufactured from a soft acrylic blend the gloves fit everyone as they are stretchy. 👉 Buy Now

Handy Dishwashing Gloves

Handy Dishwashing Gloves

Possibly the most useful and needed pair of gloves every person needs are these dishwashing gloves. With hands-on action you can enjoy scrubbing your dishes clean and minimize the time you spend by the sink daily.

Covered in silicone bristles the gloves prove to be useful in hundreds of situation and not just dishwashing. You can bathe your pets, wash your car, clean your floors, rinse your veggies and scrub your oven clean; all with the help of these gloves alone.

They might seem soft and flexible at first but we’ll have you know these bad boys are terribly durable. You can even disinfect them by tossing them in a pot of boiling water…and nothing shall happen to them.

Now you can get to those pesky corners and bends in your utensils and around your house that you can’t clean with a traditional brush. These universal sized gloves are about to change your whole life! 👉 Get 50% Discount

Knitted Texting Gloves

Knitted Texting Gloves

A new and different kind of fashionable gloves these actually are full ones (instead of the aforementioned fingerless ones). Except that the best part is that these gloves are manufactured in a way that you can still use your phone with them on.

The fingertips of the gloves are made from certain material that makes them touchscreen compatible thus you don’t have to worry about pulling them off before attending a call or sending a text. Made with acrylic and polyester they provide you the coziest and warmest experience. 👉 Get it here

Fingerless Gloves for Arthritis Patients

Fingerless Gloves for Arthritis Patients

You have heard of all of the above helpful gloves. They are made for certain use and certain situation but this kind of glove is actually made for certain people.

These fingerless gloves are just the ones to choose if you are suffering from stiff joints and muscles or tendonitis or even arthritis. Made of high-end moisture-resistant cotton spandex they help you use your hands all day with comfort and no obstruction.

You can now live your life without having to deal with the persistent pains and soreness that usually lies in your hands. With the compression it provides, it allows blood to freely circulate in your hands while also allowing your skin to breathe.

You’re bound to feel a difference in a matter of days. 👉 Buy Now