Highly Unique Types of Lamps You Need to Buy in 2019

The world would look quite forbidding without the presence of light in it, no?

Everything nowadays runs on light. Even during the day time, you will find homes and offices being illuminated by artificial sources of light. That is a common phenomenon because no one likes to be seated/working in a place that holds even a speck of darkness.

There are many ways for you to illuminate your workspace, home, office…etc. But possibly the most interesting method for lighting any place up is with the help of lamps.

Lamps are an ever-changing style and design in the lighting industry and you will always find new awesome designs of lamps. Instead of boring tube lights and fixed ceiling bulbs, try using lamps to illuminate any space of yours and you will see the stark difference. And it comes as no surprise that everyone loves a fresh change in their surroundings and you always want to keep adjusting your surroundings according to your mood, season, vibes…etc.

In such cases you want to make sure you choose those lighting options that are easily swapped, switched, changed and above anything are contemporary. If you, for example, opt for fixed ceiling lights in your bedroom then you hardly will get an opportunity to switch them out for something more fun and modern. That is why you have to choose versatile, portable and modern modes of lighting and they come in the forms of many types of lamps. Lucky for you, today is the day you get to learn all about lamps and where you can find the most exceptionally eye catching ones for your office/bedroom/living room…etc.

Where Did Lamps Even Come From?

With every invention that you come to know about, you definitely must ponder a little on where exactly it came from! Where does it begin? Of course, every invention starts from somewhere, and lamps were first invented in 70,000 BC in the form of oil lamps.

From then, they have advanced to kerosene lamps then gas lamps. Lastly the idea of an electric lamp came around in 1876 and boy was it the most groundbreaking idea ever.

From this initial idea of an electric lamp, many other designs and ideas stemmed from it. And we are fast forwarded to the present day where you can find hundreds of different LED, neon, fluorescent and incandescent lamps. And undoubtedly, everyone gets lost in the plethora of all the different types and styles of lamps.

But fear not! You are not about to get lost. Just for general knowledge here are the most popular and renowned lamps that are the general public’s top favorite.

Popular Types of Lamps

  • Table Lamp

Everyone uses this lamp in their homes and offices as a lighting staple. They are practical, portable and come in many variations proving to be versatile and fit into every surrounding.

  • Wall Lamps

You will mostly find these lamps fixed in infrastructures with modern interior styles. They come in all sorts of bulb types as well including LED and neon.

  • Floor Lamps

These provide you with a highly creative and innovative way of illuminating any space you have without having to worry about calling an electrician to fix anything for you. They are like an enlarged version of table lamps and provide light for a bigger surface area.

  • Gate Lamps

Another popular choice of lots of home owners is the gate lamp. Usually always fixed in a pair on either side of their gates, these are small lamps caged in a small enclosure around its body. They help in casting a soft glow on your driveway and make your home look more welcoming and less dark and forbidding.

Of course there are many other types of lamps as well which you are surely wanting to check out because the aforementioned ones hardly cover the large expanse of varieties of lamps. Assuredly, there are so many more lamps for you to choose from for your home or office. But first, let’s talk about where exactly you want to be purchasing these lamps from.

But enough with the introductions, backstories and hullabaloo! You must be curious about all those lamps we were discussing earlier. Without further ado, check out these super cute and innovative lamps that are sold on no better spot than Inspire Uplift itself!

Unique Types of Lamp

1. Mesmerizing Levitating Moon Lamp

Mesmerizing Levitating Moon Lamp

Not only is this lamp surprisingly realistic but it also utilizes levitation technology with the help of an advanced magnetics system. The moon-like visual print that you see on the surface lamp is in all actuality duplicated according to NASA’s official images of the moon. The lamp can be charged while it is levitated off its base, you do not have to connect it with the base. This increases the functionality of the lamp meaning you can charge it while it still is on and illuminating gorgeous white light all over the place. 👉 Click Here to Buy

2. Magnetic Wood Lamp for Table

Magnetic Wood Lamp for Table

Wooden lamps hold their own special vintage vibe and of course everyone would love to have that kind of lamp in their possession. This one is available in 4 different colors and works with two small bulbs that are magnetically attached together (almost). The lamp only lights up when both the bulbs are in series together. Although they never touch, the magnetism between them illuminate them. Turning off a lamp has never been easier and more fun since all you have to do is disconnect the two bulbs from each other.👉 Click Here to Buy

3. Roses in Glass Jar Lamp

Roses in Glass Jar Lamp

You are definitely no stranger to the famous Beauty and The Beast Disney movie where there is a similar rose in a similar glass jar. This lamp duplicates that theme but instead adds fun and breathtakingly beautiful twist to it. Fairy lights! Anyone can tell you that fairy lights are the best way for you to illuminate any spot of your choice with calming lights. These lights help to soothe your nerves, relax your mind and they are the most pleasing thing to catch your eye.

This lamp utilizes a bunch of them as they are wrapped around the stem of a singular rose which stands tall in the glass bell jar. When you come to purchase the lamp you get to choose what type of wooden base you want; Espresso or Natural. Take your pick, but it is guaranteed that both look absolutely gorgeous 👉 Click Here to Buy

4. LED Floating Globe Lamp with Real-Time Rotation

LED Floating Globe Lamp with Real-Time Rotation

Innovation and uniqueness at its highest point, this lamp takes advanced technology to the next step. The C shaped black structure that you can see is a pure magnetic strip that emits magnetic lines of force that keep the cute little globe suspended between both ends of it. Made from metal, oil coated rubber and ABS plastic the lamp functions with gorgeous LED lights. The final and most interesting part is that the globe rotates while it is on and it is the most hypnotizing thing to lay your eyes on. 👉 Click Here to Buy

5. Space Projector Lamp

Space Projector Lamp

Turn your bedroom into a medley of gorgeous colors of all shades and sorts. This lamp transforms your bedroom into a celestial world of art. With the touch of a button the ball of the lamp rotates and so do all the colors and your room turns to a galaxy of moving colors and stars dance all over the walls and ceiling.

This sort of lamp is mostly used in kid’s bedrooms to calm their nerves and settle them to sleep with the help of the motion of the calm colors.

It works with 4 simple AAA batteries (not included with lamp) and comes in colors of blue, purple and pink. It is worth mentioning that the different colors only have to do with the exterior of the lamp. In each lamp are the same variety of colors of light. 👉 Click Here to Buy

6. Portable Gumball Interactive Glow Lamp

Portable Gumball Interactive Glow Lamp

Having a portable lamp in your room is a good enough feeling but what about having a lamp that you can actually pick up and take with you wherever you go. You can do just that with this lamp. Well, you won’t pick up the actual lamp and take it with you wherever you go. But instead the lamp’s structure is made of a 3 throng stand with portable phosphorescent glow globes that you can pick up and take wherever you want. They are child safe so you can place this lamp in your kid’s bedroom too.

The best thing about these glow globes is that you can switch them to different light colors. They are available in 6 different light colors that you can switch between with the help of the switch at the bottom of the base. 👉 Click Here to Buy

7. Magical Unicorn Lamp

Magical Unicorn Lamp

Rainbows undoubtedly improve anyone’s mood and are the best way to freshen up your surroundings. This rainbow lamp emits a soft and radiant glow that bathes your whole room. There are two lighting effect modes for you to choose from for this lamp and they can be easily accessed with the button behind the lamp. The lamp works with AAA batteries (not included with product). 👉 Click Here to Buy

8. Unicorn Mood Lamp

Unicorn Mood Lamp

This one’s an actual small plump unicorn in the shape of a lamp. There is no limit of unicorn lovers in this world and they all would love to make this gorgeous lamp a part of their bedroom lighting system. Each lamp is powered with a long lasting LED bulb and can switch through 7 different shades. This mood lamp can be used as a night light and as you leave it on for the whole night it phases between 7 color shades. But if you would like a simple white light, then you will find this lamp available in white light too. It requires AAA batteries to function. 👉 Click Here to Buy

9. Retro Gamer Lamp

Retro Gamer Lamp

Whether you are a gamer or not you have to admit how ultimately cool this lamp looks! Utilizing the concept of the age-old game of Tetris, the lamp actually comes in 7 breakable pieces that you can assemble according to your liking. Meaning, this lamp is not only a lamp but also a game you can indulge in, in your free time when you’re too bored. Not to mention it is a perfect task to busy your kid in as you ready them for bed. It is guaranteed to lull them to sleep. 👉 Click Here to Buy

10. USB Candle Diffuser Lamp

USB Candle Diffuser Lamp

The two most relaxing items you can bring in to your room are a diffuser and a dim lit lamp. These two promote relaxation and soothe your wracked nerves in no time. But if you take a good look at this product, it incorporates these two items all in one. Shaped like a candle, the lamp is meant to look like a candle but actually works as a diffuser while radiating light. Whew! Talk about a 2in1 deal…this one sounds like a 4in1 deal.

The lamp can hold up to 280 ml of water and per hour produces 35 ml of moisture. It can work continuously on end for a maximum of 8 hours and is connected through a USB source to begin the diffusing process. Devoid of any harmful impurities, the stone diffuser is of high quality and will not diffuse any harmful gases/fumes in the atmosphere around you. Its quietness also contributes to how practical and useful it is. 👉 Click Here to Buy

11. Portobello Mushroom Lamp with Charging Station

Portobello Charging Station Lamp

Who doesn’t love an apparatus that does more than one job at once? This mushroom lamp not only radiates strong light but also provides a multiple charging stations for your many electronic gadgets. From your smartphone to your tablet; you can charge up to 5 devices with this charging station. It keeps all your gadgets in one spot to avoid them being scattered all over your desk/workspace/cabinet. 👉 Click Here to Buy

12. Open Book Wooden Lamp

Open Book Wooden Lamp

Bookworms and book lovers, gather around! This type of lamp would definitely be a top favorite of that community. The foldable lamp looks exactly like a book before you can open it all the way to a 360-degree rotation. It is super lightweight and is charged with a USB cable and can be packed away in storage very discreetly. Because of its compact size and functional design, you can carry it with you wherever you go. 👉 Click Here to Buy

13. Cactus Humidifier Lamp

Cactus Humidifier Lamp

Humidifiers, if you haven’t guessed this out, are very important for the physical and mental health of any person. Not only do they have outstanding physical benefits like preventing colds and flus, filtering out bacteria from your nasal passageways but they also keep your skin hydrated. Serve two purposes with one item when you choose this cactus lamp and humidifier. Made from eco-friendly substances, the lamp has a capacity of 280 ml and produces a maximum of 50 ml/h and can work for 4 hours straight.

All you have to do to get this device working is, remove the green cactus lid and fill the space with water. Then connect the lamp with any USB power supply and press the Start button on the lamp. And you’re good to go for 4 hours! 👉 Click Here to Buy

Lamps are all in all a very important and interesting part of your life. They are versatile in so many ways that you can even place them in a professional environment like in your office. The globe lamp is perfect for such settings. Lucky for all of you, there are hundreds of different designs that are constantly entering the markets but the most unique and popular ones are listed here. Surely you will find all the new styles of lamps available on Inspire Uplift the moment these lamps are accessible to the public. Get creative, be innovative and think outside the box to produce the most desired and appealing results in interior decor with these lamps.

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