Types of leggings: what are they and how to wear them

There are some women fashion trends that never go out of style – leggings are surely one of them. This skin-tight legwear is worn by film actors, dressed up by gym-goers and flaunted by attractive ladies at a party.

There are different types of leggings that can go with everything from loose t-shirts, revealing neckline tops, bulky robes, and decorated jackets. Not only are they comfortable but sleek and voluptuous too.

Among hundreds of different leggings that you visualize around you, each one of them falls in a particular category that we will discuss today. So are you ready to learn about one of the most anticipated clothing?

Table of contents

1.  Types of leggings for ladies
         i.  According to length
        ii.  According to style
        iii. According to fabric
2.  Tips on how to dress up with leggings
3.   FAQs

Types of leggings for ladies

1. According to length

As apparent from the title, it relates to how long or short a legging is. Variable lengths weren’t introduced altogether but depending on the response of the ladies who wore them and their successive suggestions that reached the designers, they gradually came into existence.

 i. Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings

These are the leggings that come to ankles. They can also be called full-length leggings because those also terminate on the ankles more or less. They are mostly worn in winters and can be paired exquisitely with anything from shirts, coats, jackets, and tanks. 

You can wear heels with them as well as ankle-length booth because unlike the jeans, they don’t have to be tucked inside the boots. Girls who are stunted in growth can effectively wear them for creating an illusion of long legs.

A much warmer option than general cotton full-length leggings is fur leggings. Made with a blend of fleece, cotton, and fur, they are easily stretchable and very soft on the skin. 👉 buy now

 ii. Knee-length leggings

Knee-length leggings

These apparels terminate just below the knees and are the best type of workout leggings. The majority of the women wear it while going to the gym, doing yoga or Zumba, dancing or hiking. It allows for enhanced leg extensions that are needed in these activities. They are made of cotton, spandex, or nylon.

Nothing is wrong in wearing ankle-length leggings during workouts, but not all variants of them are as elastic as knee-length ones.

 iii. Mid-calf leggings

Mid-calf leggings

They come in between the ankles and knees and are also referred to as ¾ -length leggings sometimes. There are two main combinations you can try out with them. 

Wear long shirts with them along with high heels or opt for short tops with plain shoes or formal slippers. 

iv. Footed leggings

Footed leggings

These cover the whole of legs including the feet. Much like the stocking but made of a thicker fabric with no opening at the end, they are only worn with shoes; either ankle-length boots or ballerina flats.

2. According to style

i. Thermo compression leggings

Thermo compression leggings

For all those women who want to lose weight fast, this perspiration-triggering and fat-burning leggings are the right way to go. Made from neoprene, compression leggings remove fat from belly, thigs and hips effectually. At the same time, they are super comfy. 👉 buy now

ii. Ripped leggings 

Ripped leggings

This type of leggings feature cuttings or holes in them and are one of the most contemporary clothing items trending in the fashion world right now. But keep in mind, these trendy pieces are only meant for casual wear or informal parties.

iii. Jeggings


Jeggings get this name because they are a combination of jeans and leggings. These are highly versatile and available in all lengths and colors. They too can be worn on any type of occasion and go with everything just like ankle-length leggings.

3. According to fabric

i. Leather leggings

Leather leggings

Almost every female character in an action movie has worn leather leggings for some time or the entire duration. Be it Mila Kunis in Max Payne, Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix or Halle Berry in Catwoman, everyone carried these magnificently.

They are shiny, elegant, and classic. Young girls can wear them with shiny jackets while women should have something composed at the top.

ii. Woolen leggings

Woolen leggings

It is a must-have for the winter season or people who live near the North pole. These can be worn under pants and trousers and will keep you warm and cozy at all times. Not to mention, prevent you from catching cold and fever.

Tips on how to dress up with leggings

  1. Ensure that you are wearing the right type of underwear.
  2. Ensure that the leggings are opaque. You don’t want anything embarrassing to happen!
 3. Make sure that whatever top your wearing, it covers the band of the leggings.
 4.Unless you are wearing them for sports purposes, always wear mid-calf or ankle-length leggings. They give a completer look.


What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Leggings can be made with any fabric which includes nylon, cotton, wool, polyester or spandex but jeggings are specifically made from jeans.

What type of shirts to wear leggings?

That depends on the type of leggings. If you are wearing leather ones, go with short blouses which reveal the whole leggings. If you are going with full-length leggings, it's classy to go with long, unbuttoned shirts and if it's cold, pair them up with jackets or coats.

For knee-length leggings, tank tops, long, tight t-shirts and sports bras are the best options.

Which fabric is best for leggings?

The type of your preferred fabric will depend on personal desire although cotton, spandex, nylon, and leather are the most popular choices.

What are leggings good for?

They are best to dress stylishly along with being excessively comfortable. To look graceful for an occasion, you often have to walk in a specific manner and be careful how to sit because of the upbeat clothes but not with leggings.

Are leggings going out of style?

No. Leggings are so widely accepted that they can never go out of style. Not in the near future at least.