Weather predicting storm glass and how does it work

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can sense an approaching thunderstorm or a rain shower while rocking in your wooden chair silently? We aren’t talking about smartphone apps because that would involve moving your hands to hold the phone and swiping your fingers on the screen.

We are talking ‘extreme’ laziness here :p – a device that enables you to know about the weather beforehand without getting up from the chair neither having to move your hands.

It’s a weather predicting storm glass that symbolizes changes in the weather by transforming its crystalline form. You can get to know about the weather forecast by simply looking at it.

Table of Contents:

1. What is a storm glass?
2. Working of a storm glass
3. How to read a weather predicting storm glass?
4. Uses of a storm glass
5.Where should a weather forecasting storm glass be placed?
6.How do you reset a storm glass?

1. What is a storm glass?

Storm glass

It is a sealed glass container including a solution of water and ethanol along with chemicals that crystallizes on different temperatures. This difference in crystalline structure is used to predict the weather forecast, generally 1-3 days.

 In the 1800s, it was developed by Robert FitzRoy who was a British naval officer with a great interest in weather. Usually, during his sea expeditions, he would look at the sky and predict the type of weather that was soon to arrive and prepare accordingly.

The storm glass was a product of this inquisitiveness. It became quite popular till the 19th century after which barometers took their place on part of being more accurate and cheaper. Nowadays, it is more of an “active” decoration piece which can partially indicate the weather.

2. Working of a storm glass

Working of a storm glass

The “magical” mixture of the storm glass is prepared by first adding measured proportions of ethanol and water and then mixing solid camphor, powdered ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate. The mixture is heated so that it is dissolved completely without air tightening the jar.

After preparation, it is transferred to the decorative glass vessels we see in the market today as storm glass. The actual theory behind its working is unknown to date because there hasn’t been enough research on it but it’s the formation of crystals in different formations that correspond to specific weather conditions.

What happens is that the changes in temperature and pressure affect the molecular spacing of the chemicals resulting in the formation of crystals of variable arrangement. It gives the weather forecast of 1-3 days ahead.

3. How to read a weather predicting storm glass?

How to read a weather predicting storm glass

Firstly, the majority of people don’t know what a storm glass originally represents and after they get a hint of what it is, they usually ask “Does the weather predicting storm glass work?”. Sure it does, however, the real question is related to its accuracy.

Our personal recommendation is that it shouldn’t be used as an authorization of the weather prediction but more of a conversation piece for your home or office.

But that doesn’t stop us from describing how the experiments have deduced its working. Here goes:

If the liquid is misty: the weather is cloudy and may include drizzle

If the liquid is clear or has sharp crystals falling down: the weather is sunny and clear

If the liquid is cloudy with small stars throughout: there is a chance of thunderstorms or snow

If the liquid contains crystals at the bottom: it indicates frost

If the liquid contains flakes which rise and travel around in the upper portion of the vessel: it indicates winds

If the liquid has large and separate flakes: the weather is humid and cloudy

This was pretty much about it.

4. Uses of a storm glass

First of all, it is one of the most convenient and natural methods of weather prediction. And fun too! It’s exciting to see the liquid transforming from clear to cloudy and then flaky.

Secondly, it can be an elegant decoration piece. The smooth contours of the glass vessel along with the changing dimensions of the liquid is enough to soothe you up after a long, hard day and a source of appreciation from your guests. In fact, it would be a refreshing addition to your house’s decoration pieces collection.

Thirdly, it can be given as an affordable and classy gift on occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, wedding anniversaries or birthdays. It promotes love, affection, and heartedness and can effectively bond together two upset people.

5. Where should a weather forecasting storm glass be placed?

storm glass

The storm glass is not meant to be used outdoor so it should be kept inside the house. Indoors, it should not be placed at a spot that experiences sudden changes in temperature and pressure for example by an open window.

It is better to keep it at a place that doesn’t receive direct sunlight, rain or wind. A table by the side of sofas or wall corner stands could be an intelligent placement option because neither do you keep anything hot or cold near them like a cup of coffee or a curling iron nor they are directly affected by winds from an open window.

6. How do you reset a storm glass?

There will be a time when the storm glass turns ‘naughty’ and start giving awkward indications that are too incomprehensible. It would usually remain cloudy and unclear. That’s when it’s time to rest it.

To do that, simply bring a hairdryer and blow it over the vessel while tilting it back and forth. You only need to warm the mixture rather than heating it. This warming process will help to bring the liquid over the room temperature while the tilting process will get the crystals in their original molecular patterns.

Make sure the liquid inside turns clear after the resetting process. That’s when you know the procedure has been successful.

While a storm glass is originally meant to predict the weather, it should be used as more of a decoration piece – it’s enchanting, sleek and relaxing.

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