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Wireless Charger

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The world has long moved from bulky hardware and hefty devices. Everyone wants to remain lightweight nowadays. Wireless chargers are one of the many devices that are a practical demonstration of this technology shift. 



Android and iPhones smartphones that used to be charged via long cables and huge power adapters can now be charged on plain circular/rectangular pads and mounts, without needing to insert the charging cable into the port. Wireless phone chargers give you the freedom to put your smartphones on charge using only one hand and in darkness as well. No need to locate the port and find the cable. 


There are different types of wireless chargers for phones - some are portable stands that can be placed on the table where you can also charge your smartwatches, some are mere circular discs while others are small car and wall mounts. Shop for all these models in our collection and choose the most fitting one for you. Play games with both hands without the interruption of charging cable or charge your phone on the go, thanks to our wireless chargers.