Handmade Glowing Bookmark

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These lovely, Handmade Glowing Bookmarks glow in the dark, giving off a beautiful, light blue color.

What a special book mark! This lovely piece will add a magical element to any reading session. It's also quite practical, as you'll be able to find your book in the dark. Made of high-quality, glow in the dark materials, these remarkable bookmarks glow with a beautiful blue-green or turquoise color. These Handmade Glowing Bookmarks make wonderful gifts for anyone who could use a little bit of magic in their lives! Let's face it, we could all use a little more magic and a little more light energy for that matter! Literature lovers, as well as lovers of all things magical and mystical will absolutely adore these glow in the dark bookmarks! You can use them at home, the office, school or anywhere you'd love to and kick back and relax with a good book!

This bookmark needs adequate lighting to "charge". Simply hold it in direct sunlight or under a strong lamp light- UV light is best. The stronger the light is and the longer the bookmark is left under, the better and the longer the glow will last. It will glow quite brightly in the dark for the first hour and gradually fade, lasting as long as eight hours. Elegant and graceful, these beautiful, antique silver bookmarks are enchanting even after the luminescence fades.

The perfect gift for the book lover in your life, these unique charm bookmarks are sure to delight and amaze anyone who receives one, as it releases its glowing energy through the night.

Approximate Size: 12cm or 4.72"
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