Foldable Chef Basket

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The 4-in-1 collapsible chef basket is a smart kitchen utensil that makes steaming, draining, rinsing, and frying a breeze. The sturdy and convertible construction of the stainless-steel frame allows you to switch from one function to another easily. The basket folds flat for easy storage but instantly expands to a flexible basket that transforms itself for dozens of everyday uses.


  • Material: Made of food-safe stainless steel, the mesh/net basket will not rust. It has sturdy construction with no sharp, pointy edges or loose connectors.
  • Use like a colander: Execute the chef basket to clean your fruits and vegetables. Just put the contents in the basket and wash them. The water drains easily.
  • Use like a steamer: Place potatoes, pasta or eggs inside the mesh basket and steam it in water. The holding handle stay cool to the touch.
  • Use like a deep fryer: Fry chicken, fish, and French fries comfortably
  • Easy storage: Foldable configuration of this Basket allows for easy and smart storage in cupboards and cabinets.
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