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Hello everybody! My name is Tetiana. I am an Ukrainian artist. I live in the Czech Republic. I am a self-taught artist. Painting is calming me down, and gave meaning to my life. I have been trying to paint every day. I try different techniques and materials. I love to explore new things. My painting has participated in an exhibition in London and several online exhibitions. It was this event that made me think about selling my paintings. I draw paintings most often on topics: Landscape Painting - I was born and raised in a very beautiful place. Perhaps that is why I really love painting landscapes. Nature fills us, gives us strength, and renews us. It is not always possible to be in nature. But, having acquired a painting with a landscape, we can get this effect just by admiring the painting. Seascape Painting - I'm always happy to paint another seascape. The sea is the element of water. I love to come to the sea and just watch this body of water for hours. My consciousness calms down, there is a complete renewal and reboot. The sea for me is something unknown and inviting. Drawing seascapes, I seem to want to unravel this substance. Mountain painting - The mountains are my first love. I was born and raised in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. The mountains are my place of power. I miss the mountains and just paint pictures of the mountains. Flowers Painting - Like many women, I love flowers. It seems to me that any woman can be compared to some kind of flower. Flowers are simply beautiful, therefore, I love to draw flowers. I paint on different topics. I just want to create at least a little beauty in my life. My store is new, but I hope you like my paintings. I paint only at will and with great inspiration. See you in my paintings!

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The original painting is my new life. Mixing colors, and painting, I disconnect from the outside world and just create. I try different techniques and materials. I love to paint landscapes and the sea, but sometimes I write something deep and psychological. By buying my painting, you will not only decorate your home, but also get a piece of creative energy.

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