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Tree Ring Art

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The idea of creating your own store was suggested by nature itself. Once, while walking in the park, I noticed several large, very old cut trees. Growth rings on the saw cuts of these age-old giants caught my attention. of which I have counted over a hundred. The extraordinary beauty of the winding lines of the tree rings impressed me so much that I wanted to transfer what I saw to the canvas, show it to people and draw their attention to the works of Mother Nature, who is the greatest artist and creator on Earth.

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Dedicated to lovers of beauty created by nature itself. I have been an artist since childhood, I went through a long way of training and practice at an art school, and then at the art and industrial academy. I create picturesque paintings, graphics in various techniques. More recently, I was attracted by the technique of wood engraving - prints (prints) from the saw cuts of different trees. Tree rings are so interesting and beautiful that I wanted to capture it on paper and bring this natural art into your home.

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