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The thing has a soul, character, temperament, history. Handmade product is a great gift for people and their loved ones who have their own taste, non-standard, soulful approach to life, appreciating the beauty, uniqueness, quality and comfort. This gift will undoubtedly cause a sea of positive emotions and impressions in your friends and relatives. Hello, friends! We are a creative association of artists, we are happy to welcome you to our store of souvenirs. The association was founded in 2000. Its purpose is to bring the warmth of our hearts to all, to show the talent and skill of our masters, to bring joy and beauty to all. Handmade things are undoubtedly unique. After all, they create master, putting their strength, skill, creative energy, warmth, and, ultimately, a piece of her soul. In addition, it is impossible to make by hand two absolutely identical products, so each, even if it is a repeat, it is still exclusive. So you want to buy a gift that will be remembered by a loved one and serve him for many years. It is an art to choose a good gift. We can help you! Here you will find what you're looking for. From fabulous Nutcracker to unique Easter Eggs. We invite you to dive into the world of hand painting and magic! Welcome!

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