40+ Unique Kitchen Gadgets of 2019 to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Your house could not be truly beautiful until your kitchen is. Then, when it comes to the kitchen, the most important factor is the gadgets that you use inside your kitchen. These gadgets should be not only smart to help you make your kitchen life fun, but also beautiful so that your house stays gorgeous. So, here are some of the most Unique and Useful Gadgets to have in your kitchen in 2019.

A set of Unique Kitchen Gadgets can also become a matter of pride for you and cause of jealousy for your neighbors.

There are four things to consider while planning to purchase your new kitchen gadgets.

  • Features, Durability, and performance
  • Your budget
  • Your kitchen size
  • Gadget brand name

Cool and Unique Kitchen Gadgets:

1 - Baby Dinosaur Spoon

    Baby Dinosaur Spoon

    If you are someone with a knack for creativity and love to show that creativity in the kitchen, you just cannot get by without this beautiful ladle. The ladle, as the name suggests is made to look like a cute baby brachiosaur. The ladle is available in three different colors and has a hanging hook for easy storage in cabinets or if you want you could just hang it on your wall which will add color to your beautiful kitchen.Β πŸ‘‰Β Click Here to Buy

    2 - Laser Sword Chopsticks

      Laser Sword Chopsticks

      For the sci-fi fan in you, here is the coolest kitchen gadget ever. The chopsticks are designed to allow great grip and functionality with a neon light. The laser sword chopsticks are also great for helping you find them when you want to eat in the dark or to see what you are eating when enjoying a movie in your home theater. The Laser Sword Chopsticks are available in three different colors for anyone looking for the best Kitchen gadgets.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

      3 - Wolverine Meat Shredders

        Wolverine Meat Shredders

        Guess who never has trouble cutting and mincing his meat? Yep, Wolverine. To help you get the same level of ease in your life, here are wolverine meat shredders that will make you feel no less than Wolverine himself. All you need to do is hold them firmly, place meat on the shelf and just get to work. Plus, you could do more than just simply using them for shredding meat and use them to help you chop, hold your steak while you cut and so on.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

        4 - Flip Turn & Grab Spatula

        Flip Turn & Grab Spatula

        Sometimes, cooking can be a pain, but if you have unique kitchen gadgets you will do just fine. The Flip, Turn & Grab Spatula is one of these gadgets. As the name suggests, you could use this one gadget for three things and you know what the best part is? It does not compromise on any quality features that your normal spatula has. It too is made from stainless steel and is compatible with your nonstick pans, which everyone knows are difficult to handle.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

        5 - Stretch & Seal Lids

          Stretch & Seal Lids

          I once left a bowl of papaya in my refrigerator that was on the cusp of going bad. Well, it did go bad and my refrigerator still has it's smell. Only if I had something to seal that bowl with. But, guess what? Here are the Stretch and Seal lids. When using these, you do not have to worry about looking for the right lids for every bowl; every lid is the right lid with the stretch and seal lids.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

          Β 6 - Coffee Scoop Bag Clip

            Coffee Scoop Bag Clip

            If you love coffee, you will know how important a coffee measuring spoon is to get the perfect blend of your favorite mocha, cappuccino or latte. Here is a coffee scoop bag clip that not only lets you measure accurately how much coffee you use, but also allows you to seal your coffee bags so that it does not lose any of its freshness and crispiness.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

            7 - Original Magic Slicer Trio

              Original Magic Slicer Trio

              The worst part about kitchen work is vegetable cutting and slicing. Who has the time or energy to go sit there and just cut through kilos and kilos of vegetable or to shred all that cabbage. Well, the Original Magic Slicer Trio helps you get the work done instantly. The specially designed drip of this gadget makes your work easier. You could peal, chop or mince with this trio.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

              8 - The Cutter Bowl

                Cutter Bowl

                Here comes another tool to help you avoid that cutting work. With the cutter bowl, all you need to do is place your vegetables inside the bowl, turn it over, and get chop chopping. The bowl is available in three different colors and is used especially for making a salad with precise cuts and less time-consuming.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                9 - Sink Glass Cleaner Brush

                  Sink Glass Cleaner Brush

                  One of the most washed utensils in your house will always be your glasses. So, let’s make your work a little more efficient with this sink glass cleaner brush. You just stick the brush in your sink and you get going. The brushes attached will clean your glass from inside and outside without as much as getting a few splashes on your hands.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                  10 - Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer

                    Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer

                    For the longest of time, I did not understand how one could cut such perfect slices from a pineapple. Now, I know about one of the most amazing kitchen gadgets, the fruit pineapple corer slicer. This gadget helps your pineapple slicing and cutting as easy as it gets without any effort. The gadget is stainless, so you do not have to worry about getting any rust on your fruit.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                    11 - Microwave Plate Rack Cover

                      Microwave Plate Rack Cover

                      When was the last time you had to microwave something? I am sure it was very recent since the microwave is a device that is used most frequently. So, here are microwave plate rack covers to make sure your microwaving experiences do not hurt you. These covers are designed especially to make sure that you do not get your hand burnt while picking the hot utensils after microwaving. Moreover, you could use it to heat more than one food items at once or even use them as lid for your utensils.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                      12 - Japanese Pancake Maker

                        Japanese Pancake Maker

                        Isn’t it just amazing how food can bring together all the nationalities in the world? The Japanese pancake maker is one of the kitchen gadgets that help you do this with the traditional Japanese food. The pancake maker is designed to make two fish-shaped pancakes at once. These pancake shapes are used in a sort of Japanese delicacy called the taiyaki which is a delicious treat.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                        13 - Electric Spice Pen for Latte and Food Art

                          Electric Spice Pen for Latte and Food Art

                          Why go to a fancy restaurant to get one of those beautiful art lattes when you could get an Electric Spice Pen and make it yourself. You could load up the chamber with any spice you like and get to decorating. The pen uses two small batteries to work which you can easily find at any stores, and there are no technicalities involved whatsoever.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                          14 - The Quick Chopper

                            The Quick Chopper

                            Remember the last time you went camping and yearned for some seasoning on your food? Well, take the small and lightweight quick chopper with you. You need no electricity and no batteries to chop your edibles now. Just fill the chopper with whatever edible you like and pull the ring to get the chopped results. So, find the seasoning you want around your camp, put it in the Quick Chopper and get chopping.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                            15 - 360 Knife Cutter

                              360 Knife Cutter

                              Know that sound that the knife makes when it hits the cutting board? You are not ever going to hear it again when you buy the 360 knife cutter. The cutter is designed in a circular shape with a handle on one end and the blade on the other. Just move your hand forward and backward and you will have perfectly neatly cut vegetables. The holding grip allows great precision in cutting and works without much force.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                              16 - Scrub Brush for Knife And Cutlery

                                Scrub Brush for Knife And Cutlery

                                Forget about the cuts on your fingers that knife washing gave you because here comes a scrub brush for your knife and cutlery. The brush looks like two folded brushes one on top of the other and you just place your knife, or other cutlery in between the two bonded brushes and rub the piece of cutlery. It’s that simple and just as easy.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                17 - Party Soda Dispenser

                                  Party Soda Dispenser

                                  As a host at a party, you could either enjoy the party or spend the entire time serving drinks and getting more bottles. No need to worry now though because here is the Party Soda Dispenser. You just screw the dispenser on top and invert the bottles. Anyone who wants the soda could just open the output valve and fill their cups. The dispenser also makes sure that your drink stays fizzy for longer.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                  18 - Grape Cutter

                                    Grape Cutter

                                    When you are making your fruit salad, some of the most difficult fruits to deal with are grapes and berries. You can’t put the entire fruit just like that but cutting it can be messy and boring. So, here is one of the most unique kitchen gadgets that lets you cut your grapes and berries easily. Just put your grape or berry in your chamber and push the plunger to cut it into pieces. No trouble and no mess.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                    19 - Cute Shaped Breakfast Rings

                                      Breakfast Rings

                                      The only way to get a fussy child to eat breakfast is to make breakfast interesting. These beautiful breakfast rings will make this job easier. Just put them in the pan and add the eggs or batter in them and let it cook. The steel is stainless so you do not have to worry about any rust and there is absolutely no way you have to worry about cleaning these rings because that is as easy as using them.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                      20 - Magic Ice Pop Maker

                                        Magic Ice Pop Maker

                                        How long does your normal ice tray last before you break it while trying to get your cubes loose? With the new Magic Ice Pop Maker, you could just fill the outer layers and squeeze the entire utensil to get the ice out. So, there is no way to break the utensil. Moreover, the ice maker stores so much ice that you can get rid of those old, bulky, space-occupying trays.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                        21 - Baking Goods Cake Slicer

                                          Cake Slicer

                                          Layered cakes are just as difficult to make as they are delicious. But the adjustable design of the Baking Goods cake slicer will make it easier for you to cut your cake into uniform layers before you start the filling process. The cake slicer is also dishwasher safe so you have no need to worry about anything other than the taste of your cake.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                          22 - Kitchen Sink Strainer

                                            Kitchen Sink Strainer

                                            Having a clogged kitchen sink can be one of the most disturbing and annoying things ever. The kitchen sink strainer not only helps you keep your kitchen sink unclogged by providing an easy way to stop any unwanted items out of your sink but also helps keep your sink beautiful with its red and blue colors. No more clogging.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                            23 - Emoji Poop Mug

                                              Emoji Poop Mug

                                              No other emoji is as famous as the poop emoji. Taking after that emoji, the poop mug is an interesting way to have your tea. The mug is made from dense ceramics and has a cap on top that keep your tea or coffee warmer for longer. You might even use it as a desk piece rather than an actual cup and it works either way.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                              24 - Breakfast Maker Flip Cooker

                                                Breakfast Maker Flip Cooker

                                                The most efficient way to cook your breakfast when you need to get to your office faster is to make everything at once. The breakfast Maker Flip Cooker helps you do that by allowing you to pour into four openings at once and cooking. When you need to take it out, just lift the entire flip cooker at once and flip it over into a bowl or your plate and you have your breakfast ready.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                25 - Rack Multi Purpose Holder

                                                  Rack Multi Purpose Holder

                                                  One thing that never goes out of fashion is a holder. The Multipurpose holder has holes to drain out any water that may be in the items. The holders are especially useful for use with your sinks. You could just hang them from your tap and put in sponges or brushes and whatever you want. Plus, the four beautiful colors are available to complement your settings.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                  26 - Stainless Steel Roll-Up Drying Rack

                                                    Roll-Up Drying Rack

                                                    What a hassle it is when your counters get all wet while washing your utensils. Moreover, if your counters are made out of wood, the water is definitely going to ruin it. Isn’t it just easier to wash your utensils and dry them right over the sink? The Roll-up drying rack is an amazing kitchen gadget that helps you do this. Just extend the rack over your sink and keep the washed utensils on it till they dry. Then you could store them in your cabinets without ruining them.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                    27 - Onion Slicer Holder for Vegetables

                                                      Onion Slicer Holder

                                                      Nothing makes you cry like onions do. So, it is just always better to get the onion cutting done as fast as possible. The onion slicer holder will help you with this by holding your onion in place with uniform distance so you can get faster, more consistent cuts in different shapes before you shed too many tears.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                      28 - Portable Organizer Rack

                                                        Portable Organizer Rack

                                                        It is always a good option to have the most essential favorite snacks and spices on wheels. With the Portable Organizer Rack, you can easily keep your spices and snacks stored without taking too much space and take it wherever you want, whether that is the couch for when you want to watch a movie with snacks, or in the garage where you want all of your tools in a mobile setting.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                        29 - Insulated Wine Cups

                                                          Insulated Wine Cups

                                                          If you do not just like to gulp all your wine at once and like to enjoy it slowly, you must also want the wine to stay cold for all that time that you are drinking it. This insulated wine cup can keep your wine cold for up to 12 hours. The cups are BPA free, double insulated and did I mention, do not break? The cups are available in 9 different colors so you can keep your life colorful.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                          30 - Christmas 3D Rolling Pin

                                                            Christmas 3D Rolling Pin

                                                            Wouldn’t Santa just love beautiful cookies with reindeers or ice sprinkles on them? So would you and your family. This 3D rolling pin is one of the most unique kitchen gadgets that can make your kitchen work rewarding. Just use it to roll your cookie dough and get beautiful designs on it without any extra effort and make your Christmas even better.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                            31 - BBQ Vapor Cleaner Brush

                                                              BBQ Vapor Cleaner Brush

                                                              Barbeque grills have to be one of the most difficult things to clean in the world. But, it is also one of the most important things to clean. You just cannot keep on barbequing on an unclean grill because then you will be cooking the old meat with the new one. The BBQ vapor cleaner brush has two different brush bits to go with the vapor technology that completely sanitize your grill before your next use.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                              32 - Stainless Steel Watermelon Fast Slicer

                                                                Watermelon Fast Slicer

                                                                The Stainless steel watermelon fast slicer does not only make the job of cutting watermelon into slices less messy, but also easier and faster too. Instead of having to cut entire strips of watermelon before taking off the peel, you could just cut the watermelon in the middle and then use the sharp edges of the slicer to cut off a slice, and then use the tong feature to lift it up and place it on the tray.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                33 - Non-Stick Measuring Pastry Mat

                                                                  Non-Stick Measuring Pastry Mat

                                                                  The Non-Stick measuring pastry mat seems like a simple board, but there are just so many features of this board that you have to take your time to notice all of them. The pastry mat is a non-stick pan that allows you to forego the money spent on butter paper. Next, the pastry mat has measurements to help you make the same sized pastries. Plus, you could use it as a cutting board. What more could you want.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                  34 - Plunger Opener Cleaner Kit

                                                                    Plunger Opener Cleaner Kit

                                                                    Forget the days of the old traditional plungers that you need to keep pushing with no guarantee whether your drains will clear out or not and say hello to the plunger opener cleaner kit. This kit comes with different heads to fit different drains and requires no force. Instead, you just press the trigger to add pressure to your plunge and clear the drain out in one go.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                    35 - Original Magic Dishwashing Gloves (BPA Free)

                                                                      Magic Dishwashing Gloves

                                                                      Why look for sponges and brushes when you could just clean any surface with your hands. These magic dishwashing gloves are soft and flexible with bristles built right into the palm of your hands. Just add soap to your palms, rub and get cleaning. It is made from non-toxic silicone so you can use it for kitchen utensils or literally anything else.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                      36 - Road Trip Coffee Mug

                                                                        Road Trip Coffee Mug

                                                                        If you are all for traveling and all for coffee, this is a must have cup for you. Designed to look like a classic Volkswagen hippy van, the mug is made from ceramic and is available in four different colors. The mug is pretty sturdy so it will not break easily and will not fade after you bought it.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                        37 - Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

                                                                          Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

                                                                          If you have a love for music and play an instrument, then you cannot just ignore this mug. Although the mug is called novelty guitar ceramic mug, it does come in several different designs with instruments like saxophones and flutes too. The mug is made from ceramic so it will not break easily and keep your beverage warm for quite some time.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                          38 - Tea Mug Infuser

                                                                          Tea Mug Infuser

                                                                          Forget the days when you had to get up and get more coffee powder when you felt your coffee just wasn’t strong enough. With one of the most unique kitchen gadgets such as this tea mug infuser, you could carry your coffee powder or tea leaves right with you and add as much as you like right there.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                          39 - Scrub Dishwashing Gloves

                                                                            Scrub Dishwashing Gloves

                                                                            The scrub dishwashing gloves belong to the most amazing kitchen gadgets category. The gloves not only clean the dishes in your house but help you keep your hands safe from all the harsh chemicals used in cleaning liquids or tabs. The gloves are made from latex and are long-lasting.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy

                                                                            40 - Hammer Bottle Opener

                                                                              Hammer Bottle Opener

                                                                              Are you a comic book fan or superhero fan? If yes, then you just cannot ignore this beautiful bottle opener styled like Thor’s own hammer. The bottle opener has all the intricate details on the hammer itself and can be a great addition to your fanfic collection. Even if you are not a big fan, just the beauty and detailing on this bottle opener are enough to convince you to buy it.Β πŸ‘‰ Click Here to Buy