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10 Pcs Screw Free Stickers

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About this item
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  • Material: PVC & Stainless Steel
  • Hang whatever you want on the wall
  • No drilling & punch
  • Waterproof & fall free
  • Pin nail size: 4mm
  • Strong carrying capacity
  • Transparent design
Item description from the seller
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Is there a lot of drilling on the walls of your house?

Oh, they can impact their beauty and appealing look.

You must avoid punching your walls with nails right now.

And for that matter, our Screw Free Stickers will be your perfect helping hand.

These get attached to the wall without drilling and remain stable even when loaded with heavy objects.

What you'll get:

  • Nail & punch-free walls: This sticker features a self-adhesive back that firmly adheres it to the wall. You don't need to drill nails in your wall to hang anything on it.
  • Support heavy weight: This sticker can withstand the weight of a big object and will not crumble. It can hold a gallon of water, as well as heavy ornaments and other everyday household items.
  • Premium quality: You may use this fastener in the bathroom without fear of it being damaged because it is waterproof. The pin is made of stainless steel, so it will never rust, and the sticker's adhesiveness will last for years.
  • Multi-Use: These are ideal to use in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to hang your toiletries, stationery, or set of spatulas with it.
  • Easy to install: Make sure the wall is clean before applying this sticker. Now, remove the sticker's back wrapper and paste it to the wall. Hang it for at least 48 hours before putting anything on it. After the time period has passed, open the nut of the pin nail and insert the item you wish to place, then screw the nut back in place to ensure that the sticker will remain in place for eternity.

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