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Inspire Uplift Rules

Get to know Inspire Uplift legal terms and policies

Buyer Policy
Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy

Comments and behavior not allowed on Inspire Uplift marketplace.

Gift Cards, Credits & Coupons Policy

Gift Cards, credit and coupons which entitle you to discounts.

Fees & Payments Policy

Transaction fee, payment processing fee and taxes to be paid by the sellers.

Handmade Policy

What we allow our sellers to be sold under the banner of handmade products.

Sanctions Policy

Compliance required by sellers regarding the trade restrictions and global sanctions.

Chargebacks and Your Shop Policy

Cases in which the shoppers can request chargebacks (money back in their accounts).

Seller Protection Policy

Process that entitles the sellers to the status of “eligible sellers”.

Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy

Cookies and technology used by Inspire Uplift for tracking, security and marketing purposes.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

How to Return or Exchange an Item on Inspire Uplift.

Seller Policy
Intellectual Property Policy

Policies regarding the theft of intellectual property by the sellers.

Prohibited Items Policy

Items that are not allowed to be displayed on Inspire Uplift marketplace.

Payment Policy

Channels and policies regarding the payment channels we allow on our marketplace.

Minors Policy

What is the minimum age for making an account on Inspire Uplift marketplace.

Cases for Buyers Policy

Steps that shoppers can take to initiate a case against a seller to get a refund or return.

Electronic Communications Policy

Nature and medium of electronic messaging by Inspire Uplift to the shoppers & sellers.

How to Report an Item or Store Policy

Process of reporting an item on the marketplace.

Drop Shipping Policy

Understanding your delivery obligations when opting for the drop shipping business model.