Electronic Communications Policy

InspireUplift is required to share some information with you in writing. This electronic communications policy will describe how we’ll share that information with you.

This policy is part of InspireUplift’s Terms of Use. By using InspireUplift’s services, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

  • Information InspireUplift Will Send You
  • Communications Will Be Sent Electronically
  • Delivery of Information
  • Technical Requirements to Receive Electronic Communications
  • Withdrawing Consent for Electronic Communications
  • Updating Your Contact Information
  • 1. Information InspireUplift Will Send You

    InspireUplift will sometimes need to send you information about using InspireUplift website, Application, or other Services. All the messages, policies, terms, and user agreements that are applicable for you to use the Services, transaction information, privacy disclosures, tax and billing statements and any other legal documents that will be shared electronically with you are covered in this policy.

  • 2. Communications Will Be Sent Electronically

    Under this policy, you give consent to InspireUplift to share all electronic communications electronically. You also agree that the electronic agreement and disclosures have the same status as an agreement signed on paper. For example, If next to a button on InspireUplift website, you see the statement that you agree to the terms by clicking on it, then it holds the same value as a signed with hand agreement on paper.

  • 3. Delivery of Information

    InspireUplift may provide you electronic communication by three means

    • Emailing it to your email address listed in your InspireUplift account details.
    • Posting on InspireUplift website, InspireUplift application..
    • Making them available through a website designated in an email notice.
  • 4. Technical Requirements to Receive Electronic Communications

    In order to receive Electronic Communication, you must have the following :

    • A computer or a mobile phone;
    • An internet connection;
    • A web browser that supports 128-bit encryption, with cookies enabled;
    • An active email address;
    • Sufficient storage space on your computer’s hard drive.
  • 5. Withdrawing Consent for Electronic Communications

    You may withdraw your consent from receiving Electronic Communication at any time by submitting a request to us at:

    InspireUplift, LLC.
    5335 NW 87th Ave C109 Ste #388
    Miami, Florida 33178

    Note that if you withdraw your consent to receive Electronic Communications, it will take a due period for InspireUplift to process your request (usually 3 months). Moreover, if you withdraw your consent, InspireUplift is required to send you paper copies of communications, InspireUplift may cancel your access to Services.

    In order for InspireUplift to send you copies of the communication, you must mention your current address on your InspireUplift account. InspireUplift has the right to charge you a reasonable price for sending communication copies.

  • 6. Updating Your Contact Information

    To receive Electronic Communication, you have to ensure that your contact information provided at InspireUplift account is accurate. If your provided contact information is inaccurate, InspireUplift is not responsible if the Electronic Communication does not reach you.