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Buy Crafts And DIY Items Online 

You don’t have to be a professional to practice art and craft, all you need is a love of color and the desire to be creative. So do you want to be an artist? No worries - Inspire Uplift will help you in it. 

From colorful buttons and pins to silky and porous fabrics, from glossy glitter containers to soft feathers, from sticky glues to magnets, from miniatures and character cutouts to glass containers and origami, from finishing tools to kinetic sand and a whole lot of other stuff, you will come across all sorts of vivid supplies to shop. 

So buy craft supplies online at Inspire Uplift and create do stunning DIY and create stunning crafts. 

Party Supplies Online | Make Your Next Party Memorable 

Hello party planners! Want to throw a memorable and enjoyable party and want convincing party decorations for it? It’s the right station you have landed on. Our party supplies will do your home and office gatherings, events and parties a whole lot of good. 

From party banners, door garlands, lights, invitations, party hats, candles, glasses to other multiple things, we have different varieties of party supplies. 

Digital Products Online | Create What You Desire to the Fullest

Whether you want to print stickers for your tumblers, stitch attractive designs on your granddaughter’s sweater or make a wall hanging out of sublimation, our digital products will help you in every regard. 

From cross stitch, frame TV art, planners, crochet patterns, sewing patterns, machine embroidery designs and toy and doll patterns to clipart, we have a wide collection of digital products. 

Greeting Cards Online | Express How Much Others Are Important to You 

With the inception of social media apps, the trend of card making has seen a decline but every one of us will accept - greeting cards are packed with much more emotions and love. 

If you want to impress and express love to your loved and considerate ones, give them greeting cards. But how would you make them?

By using our greeting card making supplies. Whether you are designing a Christmas card for your mother, a handmade birthday card for your colleague or an invitation card for your housewarming party, our tools and accessories will come in handy. 

Art Supplies Online | Use All of Your Creativity to the Max

Art is one of the most beautiful expressions of emotions. Whether in the form of sketching, clay sculptures, watercolor paintings or frames - they are a treat to watch. But can they be made without equipment? No.

Inspire Uplift brings you a complete range of art supplies, including brushes, frames, boards, easels, light boxes, printmaking inks, cutting tools and so much more. 

Whether you want a paint set for your kid’s kindergarten art project or spray paint for a professional interior design makeover, sketching paper to make your children’s holidays productive or a carving tool kit as a DIY project, we have it all. 

So buy craft and DIY items online at Inspire Uplift and create the art of your desire. 

Stickers & Decals Online | Give Everything a New Look 

Whether you want to give a new look to your phone, decorate walls/windows with animals, or historical monuments or desire to make your laptop cover stunning, we have a wide collection of stickers and decals to fulfill your desire. 

Pins & Magnetics Online | Easy to Tie Up Everthing 

Whether you want magnetic scarf pins, pin backs or magnetic lapel pins, we have different varieties of pins and magnetics.

Looking to do a shimmering scarf on a bridal shower or wearing a hijab to the office, our magnet push pins make sure that they stay in place however you move.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between handcrafted vs handmade?

Generally speaking, both these terms have the same meaning. Hand made and handcrafted both mean that something was made by hand instead of by a machine.

What is trending in DIY crafts?

Glassblowing, tufting, stained glass art, terrazzo, crochet, dried flower arranging and polymer clay are the most trending in DIY crafts.