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Pins & Magnets

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Buy Pins & Magnets Online 

Whatever pins types and magnetic shapes you’re looking for, whether it’s scarf pins, pin backs, round or square heavy-duty magnetics, or magnetic lapel pins, we have them all. 

Built-in adhesive and come in different character shapes, our magnetics are attachable with an array of materials and surfaces. 

Magnetics & Pins for All Situations | Get What You’re Looking  

Looking to do a shimmering scarf on a bridal shower or wear a hijab to the office? Our magnet push pins stay in place however you move. If you are looking for magnetic push pins for craftwork and projects, we have several options for that too.

Looking to connect two fabrics together or want to attach a character pin to the refrigerator, want to stick two papers together, or want to keep two cardboard surfaces at one level, you can use our pins to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are copper pins magnetic?

Copper is a non-magnetic material, so copper pins aren’t magnetic. 

Do pins stick to magnetic? 

Steel is a magnetic material. So if pins are made of steel, they will stick to magnetics.