Self-Centering Hinge Drill Bits

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by GreatGadgets
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Self-Centering Hinge Drill Bits

In Stock
by GreatGadgets
8 reviews
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  • Drill bits for hinges
  • Made of brass and high-speed steel
  • Ensure centered & accurate holes for drilling through hinges
  • Perfect for both professional & domestic use


How many times have we ended up with off-centered holes while drilling through a metallic hole into the desired object? This drill bit is the solution. Simple but incredibly useful, this special self-centering drill bits are a must-have accessory for your drill if you're up to installing hinges to your doors or windows.

What you will get:

  • Centered holes through hinges: For installing a door hinge, what we normally do is to place the hinge at the desired place, mark the holes, and drill the holes after removing the hinge. And with this lengthy process even, the hole is not guaranteed to be centered. But with this special bit, you can have a perfectly centered hole without removing the hinge.
  • No damage to hinges or bit: The conical end of the bit fixes itself to the hinge hole so that the bit may not move and damage itself or the hinge, which usually happens with normal drilling.
  • Helps to drill the pilot hole: It also helps make one pilot hole, fit the screw, tighten it down the handle, and then drill the other holes to avoid the hinge movement during drilling.
  • No mess: The sawdust is discharged on the sides of the drilled holes rather than entering the drill so there are no risks of a stuck drill.