Stripped Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set

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Stripped Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set
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  • Removes the stripped, rusted, stubborn screws
  • Damage-free removal
  • Set of 4 extractors with a case
  • Works with any drill
  • Compatible with all types of screws & bolts
  • Compatible with quick-change chucks
  • Perfect gift for dad, brother, husband, etc.

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How many times have you faced a screw getting stubborn, becoming headless or simply stripped while you try to drill or remove it? Of course, many times. And the only option you are left with is to damage the surface by wedging it out. But not anymore with this screw extractor set that can extract the screw successfully against all odds.

What you'll get:

  • Removes the toughest screws: Often, the screws lose their heads while we tighten them, or the head gets stripped or even broken without any part above the surface. In such situations, these screw extractors can help you extract them within seconds.
  • Damage-free removal: No need to damage the wall, furniture or whatever material the screw has struck in. Simply attach the required-sized bit to your drill and remove it within a few seconds.
  • 2-in-1 bit: The best thing in each bit is that one side is the extractor mold and the other has the ordinary drilling side. So, no need to buy drill bits when you buy this.
  • Set of 4 extractor bits: Whatever size is the stubborn screw or bolt, you can choose the right fit among four bits.
  • Self-centering tip: Each of the extractor bit has the ability to self-center itself while you use it, to make sure it goes deeper in the screw without getting out from sides.
  • Perfect gift for males: Being a must-have tool in the toolbox, it makes a perfect gift for all males, including your husband, brother, dad, boyfriend, etc.


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Listed on 8 January, 2021