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Easy Ring & Button Drill Bit

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About this item
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  • Material: Cemented carbide
  • Creates 1 ring & 1 button instantly
  • Suitable for all major types of wood
  • Saves ample time in your woodworking tasks
  • Great for making napkin rings, jewelry
  • Package includes: 3 blades, 3 drill bits, 1 handle
Item description from the seller
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If you have to use multiple woodworking processes to create a ring and button…

If you spend tiring hours smoothing them up using a filer or sandpaper…

If you are in neend of a time-saving tool to make your life so much easier…

This product is for you.

The Easy Ring & Button Drill Bit allows you to create instant ring and button and…in their final shape – no further sanding or smoothing required. Get the precise shape in minutes with the smoothness you desire.

Create multiple-sized napkin rings, wooden buttons or make unique jewelry items with it.

What you’ll get:

  • Crafts multiple rings of the same thickness: You don’t have to go through the struggle of measuring each wooden ring or button to see if it’s the right size. This drill bit set will cut equal-sized and equal-thickness rings for you now. There are 3 sizes you can create.
  • Speed up your woodworking tasks: Make as many rings and buttons as you like in a day. This drill bit increases the speed of your woodworking tasks by 20-25x. It is suitable for ebony, rosewood, thickened knots, mahogany, sandalwood, etc.
  • No smoothing required: No need to spend minutes smoothing the wooden rings (like you did before). Now each of your rings will be precisely measured and smoothened to perfection.
  • Multiple uses: Use the rings as napkin rings in your house or make unique jewelry. Use the buttons for your shirts, jackets and coats.

* Package includes: 1 x handle, 3 x 2mm drill bits, 3 x blades (24/26/28mm)