Cases for Buyers

  • Opening a Case
  • Case Eligibility
  • Ineligible Disputes and Transactions
  • Opening a Case

    If you want to return a product or get a refund for it, you should first contact the seller directly. Every seller has made unique policies for their store with respect to issues like a refund or returning an item. If you could not come up with a solution even after contacting the seller, or you were unable to contact the seller, you can initiate a case. With Inspire Uplift case system, cases regarding orders that are not delivered or are not as the product description presented it are sorted out.

    Here are a few important things to be mindful about:

    • To start a case, you need to have an active Inspire Uplift account. If you made an order through guest checkout and then you want to start a case, you will have to make an account first and then proceed with case details.
    • You can only opt for one dispute resolution format against the seller. If you have filed a chargeback, you cannot start a case as well. If you file a chargeback after starting a case with Inspire Uplift, the case will be closed.
  • Case Eligibility

    Delivery date, processing time, and the “dispatch by” date make up the eligibility of any case.A case can be opened if an item is not delivered or is not exactly what was described in the description.


    A non-delivery is when a buyer placed an order but did not receive the product even after going through all the purchasing processes.

    This case occurs in situations when:

    • A product is delivered to the wrong address, which was not on the Inspire Uplift receipt in the first place.
    • The proof of dispatching a product to a buyer does not exist.

    Inspire Uplift does not consider the seller responsible for delays in the delivery of products if they can provide valid proof of dispatching the product on time and to the same address that was mentioned on Inspire Uplift receipt. If the product was dispatched on time and you have a tracking number, then you may file a claim for non-delivery with the delivery company.


    A product is not as described if the buyer can show through pictures and other means that the product is not what the seller described it to be in the product’s description and photos. A few examples of such cases are:

    • The product is a different color, size, model, or version.
    • The material or design of the product is different.
    • The seller did not tell that the product is missing some part or is damaged in some way.
    • The quantity of items received is different from what was in the description of the product. For example, a set of 6 spoons was ordered, but the buyer received only 5.
    • The product was shown to be authentic, but it was a copy or a replica of the original.
    • The condition of the product is wrongly mentioned. For example, the product is listed as new, but it is used or second-hand.

    Not-as-described cases can also be filed for a product with late delivery. This can be a case in a situation where the product was ordered for a specific date, e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving, but the seller was unable to deliver at the agreed-upon date. Since the products are of no use after the date, the product is considered to be late delivered.

    If a product is similar to the seller’s description details, then it does not fall under the not-as-described case.

  • Ineligible Disputes and Transactions

    Some disputes and transactions are ineligible for case system for example:

    • If an item was properly packaged by the seller but the delivery carrier damaged it in some way.
    • If a product was altered, used, washed, or worn after receipt.
    • Items that were delivered after the decided delivery date because of the delays from the delivery carrier.
    • Products that are returned without any return agreement.
    • Items that are as per their description but do not meet the buyer’s expectations.
    • The cost of delivery disputes
    • Items that are prohibited from selling on Inspire Uplift.
    • Transactions in which payments are not made through the Inspire Uplift checkout system.

    If a seller does not respond to the buyer’s claims or resolves a case, then the buyer can approach Inspire Uplift and we will review the case. Inspire Uplift has the right to take any case under its review for many reasons, including inactivity of the seller, refusal of providing service by the seller, or abusive behavior by the seller of any kind. We can also close any case because of a lack of interaction from either the seller or the buyer. We can also issue a refund on the seller’s behalf if they cannot resolve the case.