Handmade Policy

Handmade products on Inspire Uplift are for makers and designers. Read below to know more about your obligations as a handmade products seller.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By listing handmade products at Inspire Uplift, you agree to this Policy and our Terms of Use.

  • Selling Handmade Items
  • Using Production Assistance
  • Being Transparent About Your Business
  • Selling Handmade Items

    Handmade on Inspire Uplift is a spectrum. There are makers who sell products made by their own hands or with tools, and there are designers on the other end who design their product but depend on outside sources to make their product in its physical form. A lot of handmade sellers fall in the center of the spectrum because they make and design their products. Irrespective of where on the spectrum you lie, you must be transparent about the source of assistance you take to make your products. Every product that is listed as handmade must be made or designed by the seller. Reselling the products in the handmade category is prohibited. You can have store members who help you in conducting the business as long as you are making or designing products.


    A maker is a seller who physically makes his products that are listed on his store on Inspire Uplift. A maker has the option of designing his own product apart from making it, but he can also use a design template made by someone else and then make his product according to it. Makers must use their own hands or tools to make their products.


    A designer is a seller who creates an original template, pattern, design, prototype, or a plan to make a product. For the production stage, he can either use in-house store members or a production partner. Ordinary customization like color or shape-changing of a ready-made product is not considered as designing.

    If you are a designer who utilizes a production partner for making the products, then disclose its information in your product listings. A production partner is anyone who makes your products but is not part of your Inspire Uplift store.

  • Using Production Assistance

    Designers can use assistance from production partners to help them create products. Remember that people visit Inspire Uplift marketplace to find products that are innovative and can not be found anywhere else. Your design and creation processes should make a product that is innovative, unique, and creative in every way that cannot be created without you – the designer.

    While choosing a production partner, ensure that they create your product themselves in their own facilities. A contractor who is a middle man or an outsourcer is not considered a production partner. Examples of production services include engraving, sewing, printing, finishing, 3D printing, plating, and cutting, among many others.

    If you are to use a production partner, you have to disclose certain information in the listing process:

    • Name of your production partner;
    • Location of your production partner;
    • Nature of your partnership and design process;
    • A general description of the work your production partner does for you.

    Details like the name of the production partner, partnership type, or design process can be kept confidential from everyone except selected Inspire Uplift employees. But the location and description of your production partner will be visible on your About section and listings.

    We have the right to inquire about any further details about your store. Please be prepared to share details like the origin of the business, your responsibility in the design and production process, and the details of your connection with your production partner.

    We understand your wish to keep the business process and design details confidential, so please rest assured that any of your private information will not be used for any purpose except to determine that your business activities comply with our policies.

    We have the right to reject any production partnerships that are not according to the spirit of this policy.

  • Being Transparent About Your Business

    Inspire Uplift values transparency a lot. It means that you have to be completely honest and accurate while you represent either yourself, your items, or the business you conduct. As a seller of handmade products, you agree to:

    • Disclose the name and responsibilities of people who help you in making your products or running your business in the About Section of your store.
    • Use your own content to explain your product. Words and pictures should be owned by you and not taken from stock photos.
    • Be quick in responding to the inquiries made by us. We may inquire about your product-making process, tools that you used, means of communication with people who assist you in running the store. Inspire Uplift is a marketplace that values trust a lot. Providing any false, inaccurate, or misleading information is against our Terms of Use, and if practiced, may result in termination or suspension of your account.