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13 Color Self-Adhesive LED Push Lights With Remote

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About this item
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  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Self-adhesive
  • Round style design
  • Perfect for task lighting
  • Warm light for closet and wall
  • Portable LED stick on push lights
  • Remote-control + manual control (tap lights switch)
  • Wireless operation (works on batteries)
  • 13 different colors for greater fun
  • Use in drawers, cabinets, kitchen, bedroom
Item description from the seller
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We know there are numerous points in your house where you need task lighting.

Lighting that only illuminates that particular point and not the whole room. Here are some of those spaces:

Cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, vanity, laundry area, nightstand, drawers, and so on; ah, there’s a never-ending list.

You think of getting a mini lamp or even a small night light every time you had to turn on your flashlight to brighten up that very corner.

Hold up, no need to look for emergency lights or mobile phones for that extra lighting! 

Introducing the single, most-wanted stick up lights that you never knew you wanted. These battery operated push lights can be stuck anywhere and will phase through 13 different colors – talk about variety. In addition, they are ergonomic, energy-efficient, and cute.

What you’ll get:

  • Small but bright lights: Each push light is rated at 60 lumens, which will brighten up any drawer or cabinet to locate the contents inside easily. Being tiny in size, they can also be used as push on led lights for wall.

  • Wireless operation: No wiring required. The lights work on 3 AAA batteries (not included), and the remote works on 1 CR2032 battery (not included). Bonus: They have a long-running time of 80,000 hours to illuminate your dark corners for a long time.

  • Drill-free installation: You don’t have to drill holes ruining your interior just for the sake of bright lighting. Instead, just get these press on battery push lights and stick them literally anywhere in the house.

  •  Multi-variable application: The push button lights can be installed almost anywhere you like. No need to turn on the room’s ceiling light when you have to take out the nail cutter at night or rummage through the kitchen cabinet to find biscuits without waking up your kids sleeping in the next room.

  • Enhanced functionality: The self-adhesive push lights can be operated with the remote and manually. You can change 13 colors with the help of the remote and 4 colors (red, green, blue) manually by pressing the button on top.

  •  Great light for indoor plants: If you have an indoor plant in your office or house, these round push lights can be your best pick. It delivers just the right amount of illumination required by an indoor plant. So make your peperomias and jade plants bloom with life now.

How to use:

  •  Open the battery compartment by turning it anti-clockwise.

  • Insert 3 AAA batteries in it. Close the lid.

  •  Peel off the cover from the back side of the lights.

  • Clean and dry the surface before attaching the push light on it.

  • Push the curved surface inwards to turn on the light.

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