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2 Dogs Retractable Leash

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About this item
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  • Keep 2 dogs under leash simultaneously
  • Size of rope: 3m approx.
  • Break and lock buttons for leash
  • Built-in spotlight and garbage bag holder
  • Reflective nylon leash
Item description from the seller
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Controlling 2 dogs while you walk them in the park or on the street can be difficult. Both act playful and try to get away from you. Either they start following another animal or become distracted by the traffic.

Keep your dogs on leash with this 2 dogs retractable leash that enables you to control the movement of 2 dogs simultaneously.

With this leash, your pets won’t scare any passers-by and will move together.

What you’ll get:

  • Retractable leash: The leash is retractable. If you want to free your pets to run around, remove the leash from their collar, and with a single press, it will rewind and come back inside the leash holder. The break and lock buttons help control the amount of leash to be available for the dog.
  • Reflective nylon leash: The leash is made with reflective woven tape that glows at night. This adds coolness to the device and also improves night viewing.
  • Light for night viewing: This 2 dogs retractable leash has a built-in spotlight. Turn it on for clear night viewing. It makes it easier for you to spot your dog’s poop and put it in a garbage bag at night.
  • Ergonomic handle: The ergonomic handle and grip make this leash holder easier to hold for a long duration. You won’t feel tired by holding the leash even for hours.
  • Garbage bag storage box: With a built-in garbage bag storage box, you don’t have to keep garbage bags in your pocket. Keep them secure in the leash holder and use them whenever your dog wants to poop.

Note: Batteries & garbage bags are not included in the package.