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20 Pcs Plastic Plant Support Clips

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  • Material: Plastic and Zinc
  • 10 small and 10 large clips
  • One-hand, easy use
  • Reusable
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Whether you are an avid gardening lover or a professional gardener, the sight of vining plants lying on the ground, uncared for, is enough to give you stress.

Don’t you want to do something about them?

Don’t you want to see these climbing plants grow higher to add lush green beauty to your front or backyard?

We know you nodded your head in acknowledgment.

So, don’t wait for another second and buy these plant clips. These are extremely good at supporting tall-growing plants. Your home garden will no more be a mess with these clippers installed on the plants.

What you’ll get:

  • Organized garden: The sight of climbing plants haphazardly lying on the ground is a mood killer for evening garden strolls. Use these support clips to clip plants like tomatoes, cucumbers or grape vines in their initial years to protect them against severe weather conditions.

  • Harmless to plants: These plant clippers are gentle on plants. Instead of damaging the stalk, these hold the stem perfectly without causing it any harm. They ensure that the climbing plants don’t change their natural course and fall victim to gravity.

  • Reusable: Unlike the zip ties, these plant support clips are reusable, saving a lot of your money. They are made with good plastic, which gives them a robust design ensuring that these are efficiently used for more than a single season.

*Big clip size: 6 cm approx.

*Small clip size: 4 cm approx.

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Listed on 26 June, 2021