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3 Digit Combination Password Cabinet Lock

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About this item
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  • Keyless lock with 3 digit password
  • Changeable combination
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for cabinets, drawers & cupboards
  • Avoid keeping a bunch of keys
Item description from the seller
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It is bothersome to keep a bunch of keys with you at all times. You must have often gotten late for the office because you cannot find the key to your drawer and all your essentials are in it.

Avoid all such hassles by installing this 3 digit combination password cabinet lock that eliminates the need for a key.

Use it to keep your essentials safe at all times and make the drawer accessible for everyone who knows the password.

What you’ll get:

  • Safety of essentials: Just like any other lock, this combination lock keeps all your essentials safe inside the drawer. It only opens when you put in the right combination, making the essentials accessible only to the one with the password.
  • No hassle of keeping a bunch of keys: Keeping a bunch of keys with you at all times is difficult. These don't fit in your pocket easily and can be lost too. Avoid all such bothering situations by installing this combination lock that needs no keys. 
  • Easy installation: No need to have screws and heavy tools to install the lock. Just pass it through the opening in your drawer and bolt it from the inside of the drawer. The default code is 000; you can change it to whatever you want. Use a pin to change the code. Push it in the bottom change button of the lock and rotate the dials to your desired password. Make sure to keep pushing the change button while you change the code.
  • Money-saving alternative of keys: Instead of buying multiple copies of a key to distribute among your family members, get this combination lock and tell everyone the password to it. 
  • Time-saving: In the case of lock and key, the person with the key is bothered by everyone. But with this combination lock, you won’t be bothered by others to open the drawer again and again. Anyone with the password can open it without waiting for the person with the key.
  • Versatile use: Not just for drawers, but you can use it for cabinets and cupboards across the house. Keep your kitchen and bathroom products safe from the reach of kids by locking them with this password lock.