3 in 1 Guitar String Cutter And Pro-Winder Tool

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  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Form-fitted winder
  • String cutter
  • Pin puller
  • Cut, replace, tighten, tune
  • Easy to use
  • Guitar maintenance tool
  • Fits almost all guitars
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You’ve been complaining about the bad working of your guitar. That one broken string is making you frustrated with the voice it’s producing.

Of course, you tried to fix it, but all in vain. Yes, it’s a trivial problem. Still, it needs your immediate attention for the sake of your ears and music too. And, the only solution to this is changing that broken string.

No, no, don’t try to cut it with a knife or home blade alternative, and you might end up making that trivial issue into a big situation. Instead, get this best guitar string cutter and fix all your guitar problems. This 3 in 1 guitar string tool has an ergonomic cutter, winder, and pin puller to help you cut the string, attach a new one, and tighten it.

What you’ll get:

  • Convenient design: Our wire guitar cutter has a comfortable grip to hold and use the side peg winder. The pin puller helps you lose the pin easily. And the scissor-style design will let you cut your old or broken strings quickly.

  • Travel-friendly: Forget putting endless stuff in your guitar maintenance case, making it only heavy to carry around. Instead, get this one trimmer string tool to do all of that.

  • One string cutter for all instruments: No need to spend money on different guitar string cutters as it works as a perfect kit for maintaining banjos, acoustic, electric, bass, mandolins, etc.

  • Longevity: Our multi guitar tool won’t be ruined or tear off for a long time, so you can carry it anywhere around without worrying much.

  • No wobbly motion: The peg winder has a criss cross inside that provides a form-fitting grip to help you unwind the strings.

How to use a guitar string cutter?

  1. Unwind the string with the peg winder (rotate to loosen the string)

  2. Use the snipper to cut the loose string (cut in one go with slight pressure)

  3. Attach the bridge pin puller sideways on the pin and pull it up to remove it.