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5 In 1 Keyboard & Earphone Cleaner

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About this item
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  • 5 mini tools in one
  • Soft nylon brush to clean the keyboard
  • Keycap puller to remove the keyboard buttons
  • Flocking sponge to clean the earphone case
  • Metal pen tip to clean speakers
  • High-density brush to clean the earphones outlet hole
  • Size: 15 x 8 cm approx.
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Electronic items have made our lives so much easier. Air conditioners, mobiles, kitchen gadgets…

And, and, and…

Computers and earphones!

But they have to be cleaned, right? You can’t expect these machines to work fine for long without the required maintenance. That’s why we have brought this 5 in 1 keyboard & earphone cleaner for you.

It’s a master at what it does – and that’s deep cleaning your keyboards and earphones at home. The bristles of the brush take out that stubborn dust deposited around the buttons while the metal tip pulls out the ear wax deposits.

Fine cleaning, fine life!

What you’ll get:

  •  Thorough cleaning of the keyboard: This cleaning brush is specially designed to clean the keyboard. The 3-row nylon bristles are straight and tight, which effectively get into the crevices and pull out the dust. To further clean the keys, you can pull them out using the keycap puller and clean the trapped dust.   
  • Deep cleaning of the earphones: The other side of this tool is the earphone cleaner. The flocking sponge will suck the dust present on the case of the earphones while the high-density soft brush cleans the outlet holes. As for the metal tip, it cleans the speakers.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: It’s extremely easy to store and carry this 5 in 1 keyboard & earphone cleaner tool. Make it an essential part of your tote bags, backpacks and purses.