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Access Virus B/C/TI "Cinematica" Soundset 51 Preset

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Are you dreaming about your Virus synthesizer can sound like real analog?

Whatever model you have – B, C, Ti, Ti2?

Whatever are you using for connection – analog jacks or usb?

Welcome to “Cinematica” Soundset with authentic & organic sounds ready to go in your original soundtrack!

Powerful & rich sound modeling like never before.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

LFO team celebrates 10 Years of working with Access technologies – from A to TI2.

Thanks for analog modeling technology which is great in Virus, we re-create 51 lush & deep sounds with maximum authentic feeling.

All sounds bpm syncable & modulation wheel approved.

Powerful unison strings, stunning unusual arps, deep pads & polys great for soundtrack atmosphere, synth-pop & retro wave music, dancefloor music.

Ti/Ti2 users - copy Access Virus Cinematica (TI Version) to your virus control presets folder
For B/C users - load midi file using any daw with Virus midi in/out connected and play Access Virus Cinematica (B,C Version) file on midi track with properly
assigned midi in & out.

Presets list

  1. Grandur NK
  2. Charisma NK
  3. 2049 UK
  4. PolyVCO NK
  5. Faded NK
  6. Rich NK
  7. OB-X NK
  8. DarKnight NK
  9. Prophet NK
  10. Cinematic NK
  11. Arpulus NK
  12. Future NK
  13. Drops NK
  14. Carbon NK
  15. Venera NK
  16. Drift NK
  17. Silver NK
  18. 70S NK
  19. 80S NK
  20. Beauity NK
  21. Sparks NK
  22. Teller NK
  23. Stones NK
  24. Harper NK
  25. Masical NK
  26. Squares NK
  27. Amphibos NK
  28. Tyros NK
  29. Joy NK
  30. Metallic NK
  31. JX Poly NK
  32. Arctic NK
  33. Heavenly NK
  34. Action NK
  35. Netflix NK
  36. AgeCut NK
  37. Cosmos NK
  38. Rhytmos NK
  39. Morph NK
  40. Field NK
  41. Flashes NK
  42. Gladiator NK
  43. Martian NK
  44. Wider NK
  45. Access NK
  46. Red NK
  47. Junatic NK
  48. Lishts NK
  49. Mood NK
  50. Drop NK
  51. Yellow NK
  52. Youth NK

Rediscover & Enjoy Your Virus!

Working with Virus B, C, TI, TI2.