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Adhesive Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder For Bathroom & Camping

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Watertight tissue paper holder
  • Serrated track for cutting the TP
  • Self-adhesive installation
  • Use as phone holder as well
  • Use in bathrooms, RV, campers
  • Save money on wet tissue paper waste
Item description from the seller
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Showers are great – the invigorating streams of water along with the frothy body wash and soap work beautifully to cleanse you up, make you smell better and prepare you for the morning every day.

But what about all the bathroom accessories that become wet because of this splashing? That’s not great, right! Sometimes, the sink mirror gets a huge share of shower water droplets; other times, it’s the tissue paper dispenser or your kitchen storage cabinet.

The good news is you can keep your tissue paper dry now, no matter how enjoyably, ‘scrubbingly’ and outrageously you dance in your shower – thanks to this waterproof toilet paper dispenser. No need to strip off the toilet paper that used to get wet previously (and toss it in the bin).

It’s convenient, effective and cost-cutting.

What you’ll get:

  • Watertight tissue paper protection: Made of plastic, the transparent lower compartment has a sealed white lid which prevents the entry of water from all directions.

  • Nailless operation for convenience: The waterproof toilet paper holder is self-adhesive. The sticking attachment comes with the package. Remove the cover from it, clean and dry the wall, paste it before applying pressure for 1 minute and then attach the holder to it.

  • Multi-purpose operation: This tissue holder can be used in campers, RV and caravans as well. You can also use it as a phone, vase or diffuser holder.

  •  Easy pulling out: There is a small T-shaped track on the front side; pull out the tissue paper towards the front and it snaps into place.