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Adjustable Bottle Opener

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Open a bottle/jar in seconds
  • Effortless & quick approach
  • Rust & corrosion resistant
  • Opening diameter: 3/8 to 4 inches approx.
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for jars, bottles, cans, etc
Item description from the seller
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You've cooked delectable toasts for your little one in a cheerful mood.

Sadly, as you try to open the jam bottle to spread it on the toast, you cannot do so even after using all your might.

But you don’t give up just yet; you cover its lid in a cloth and try to open it once more.

Again, you find it all in vain.

Now, you wash your hand, so they don't slip when you try to take off the lid.

But, this is likewise an unsuccessful effort.

Except for your kid, no one is at home to help you.

With this Adjustable Bottle Opener, you can make sure to open every stubborn bottle in a breeze.

Adjust this opener on the lid and rotate it to open the jam jar in seconds and without asking anyone for help.

This bottle opener is convenient, handy, and quick to use.

What you’ll get:

  • Simple opening approach: Using this opener to remove a bottle's cap takes only one minute. Simply place it on the lid and secure it with the buckle. Now, spin it counterclockwise by pressing both parts of the handle. Turn the handle until the bottle's cap is removed.
  • Effortless usage: This jar opener ensures you fasten a lid without putting much effort. It also doesn’t tire your hand and helps you unlock a jar/bottle with full of ease.
  • No rust & corrosion: The stainless steel material resists rust and corrosion. This bottle opener is also non-toxic and safe to unfasten your food bottles.
  • Wide applications: This adjustable bottle opener fits items with a diameter of 3/8 to 4 inches. So freely use it on any bottle, can, jar, or other container.