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Adjustable Circle Paper Cutter Tool

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Cuts perfect circles
  • Adjustable cutting blade
  • Cuts circles of diameter 10.3-33.5 cm
  • 3 cutting heads included
  • Suitable for photo paper, cardboard, composite paper, optical film
  • Use for scrapbooking, office work, DIY projects, decorations
Item description from the seller
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“Dad, why can’t I cut the circles smoothly?”

“Mom, what is wrong with my hand? It never cuts the round shape perfectly.”

It’s heartbreaking to see the gloomy faces of your kids who spend minutes cutting the perfect circles but seldom get them right.

And have you ever imagined all the extra paper and foaming sheets they waste to get it right over and over again?

This shouldn’t happen. We have just the right tool for you.

This adjustable circle cutter for paper cuts circle shapes of diameter 10.3-33.5 cm in a jiffy. Talk about versatility!

And saves you the cost of purchasing a compass and scissors separately.

And gets the job done perfectly every single time. No sad kid faces or frustrated adult expressions. A cutting tool so effective should be highly acceptive!

What you’ll get:

  • Freedom to cut circles with precision: The ingenious circle paper cutter can cut perfect circles of diameter 10.3-33.5 cm simply by adjusting the slider. There is a separate scale for centimeters and inches for increased convenience.

  • Saves effort: No need to open the prongs of the compass to measure the diameter of the circle first, then insert the pencil in it to draw the circle and finally using the scissors to cut it. This DIY tool will cut the cardboard, paper or sheet in a circle within seconds—no need for a pencil, compass or scissors.

  • Saves ample amount of time: Cutting with a compass and scissors also takes a lot of time. And there is still no guarantee that you will get a perfect circle every time. Using this machine will cut down those long, arduous hours you or your kids spend preparing DIY crafts, school projects or class decorations.

  •  Multiple uses: Use this round paper cutter for scrapbooking, paper, foam sheets, cardboard, optical film, printing paper or photo paper. Manage your office work and decoration work with it easily.

  • Be the school's hero: Make your kid the most likable and artistic member of his/her class who can easily make perfect large and small circles.

  • Save money: Save all the bucks which you and your kids used to spend on using multiple sheets when smooth circle shapes couldn’t be achieved. It lets you use most of the area of your working paper without any excess wasting.

* Usage: Place one hand on the large green globe after setting the cutting diameter. Then hold the cutting blade and move it slowly in a circular manner to cut the shape.

* In order to keep the working paper stable while cutting, place a piece of cardboard under it and then use the circle paper cutter.