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Alesis Fusion - "Best Analog & Ambient Sounds"

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We've got Alesis Fusion in our hands and with all seriousness saying: its great & highly underrated.

Fiew things to notice:

*Memory - 40/80GB Hard Drive - you can easily connect to PC via usb and upload as much presets/soundsets/samples you want - no limitations.

*Solid & powerfull sound, league of 2000s VA Synths & Workstations.
Equal great sounding analog-type sounds & samplebased ones.

*Very intuitive editing of synth engine, good effects, great arpeggiator with lots of
pre-programmed presets & you can create your own ones. - standard, phraze & drum machine.

* Oscillators - Per Patch: 3 VA Oscs / 6 FM Ops / 4 Sample Oscs / 1 Physical Modeling Osc

* Multiple out & ins - can be a 8 mono in jacks mixer to connect other synths!

* Types of synthesis on offer include Sample Playback, FM, Virtual Analog (VA) and Physical Modeling

We had patiently collected our Best Analog & Ambient Sounds collection with 131 Preset:

Edge Basses
Cutting Leads
Classic Analogue Sounds
Lushiest Strings
All kind of Atmospheric Pads
Arps & Sequences
Bells & Plucks
Modular & Experimental Sounds
Big Poly's & Brasses

Our collection made of our own sounds, tweaked internal ones & tweaked from free soundsets.

With passion & love to instrument.
Instruction of how to load is included.