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Aluminum Adjustable Wrench

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About this item
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  • Made of Aluminum alloy
  • Open range: 6-68mm
  • Clamping depth: 60 mm
  • Scale for accurate measurement
  • Runs smoothly with precision pitch
  • Reversable turbine slicer (ve & -ve)
  • Greater torque and secure grip
Item description from the seller
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This Aluminum Adjustable Wrench will be your new partner in repairing chores.

And a great one, we might add. Not only does it provide greater grip and torque than elementary wrenches, but you get the unique benefit of using the turbine slider both ways – with and without the toothed side.

The clamping depth is also larger than normal wrenches. Open up your pipes, consoles, electronic bodies and engines with more precision and speed now.

What you’ll get:

  • Larger clamping depth: The 60mm clamping depth allows you to handle both small and large nuts and retainers. It also enables you to access tight openings.
  • Doesn’t damage the pipes and screws: The other unique feature of this aluminum adjustable wrench is the reversible turbine slider. You can decide which jaw to use – the toothed one or the smoothened one. No damage to your pipes, retainers and screw will occur.
  • Enhanced grip. Thanks to the lengthened contact between the jaw and the but, you will get a much more powerful clamping force and torque than normal wrenches. Open all those stubborn nuts and retainers with minimum force.
  • Multiple uses: Handle your plumbing, fittings, engines, gas pipelines, etc. with this tool.

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