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Anamorphic adapter Vormaxlens Luxanamorphic 1.33x rev.2 PRO

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Production time - 2-3 day.


The adapter works with all formats and cameras. Compatible with Canon RF and ARRI LF lenses. Ideal for shooting widescreen video on full-frame cameras or cropped cameras. It works well with zoom lenses, fixed lenses, the front filter of which does not rotate (in case of rotation of the filter, the adapter must be attached with the help of calipers to the rig in front of the main lens).

The adapter works without vignetting from 19 mm on the APS-C format (with the exception of lenses with a front lens diameter of more than 70 mm, also in zoom lenses vignetting occurs earlier). The PRO version has an enlarged rear lens.

It is made in a metal case, the optics are glass.

The glare is blue (Indigo), white, red or amber to choose from.

The adapter mounting thread is 72 mm, with a clamp - 77 mm. The thread for the filter is 95 mm (macro filters can be used for shooting very close objects).

The adapter can focus on lenses from 14 mm to 85 mm and can be attached with adapter rings to any diameter..

Ideal for Canon 40mm 2.8, 35mm f2, Pentacon 29mm f2.8, Mir-1v 37mm 2.8 lenses, works with zoom lenses, but vignetting can start earlier with them. Vignetting is absent on a full frame with a focal length of 29 mm and on a crop sensor of 1.6 and 1.5 with a focal length of 18 mm. On the sensor crop 2 (micro 4/3, 12 mm sensor) there is no vignetting at a focal length of 14 mm.

It is desirable that the diameter of the front lens of the main lens is less than 60-70 mm. It is necessary to use very clear and sharp lenses - the anamorphic adapter greatly reduces the depth of field (it is harder to focus), slightly blurs the image, blurs at the edges.

The maximum sharpness of shooting is achieved at a distance of 10-20 meters, when the focus is from 20 mm to 80 mm. At a distance closer than 10 m, it is sometimes necessary to use diopters +0.3/+0.5/+1.


The adapter may have structural differences that do not affect the main characteristics.