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Anamorphic adapter Vormaxlens Luxar 1.25x

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Production time - 2-3 day.

Luxar anamorph with a coefficient of 1.25x.

The low coefficient is due to the fact that the adapter will work in tandem with other anamorphic lenses and adapters.

Gives the anamorph a classic distortion, increases the viewing angle in the horizon, improves the artistic characteristics of the lens and adds warm colors. The adapter allows you to turn an amateur setup into a professional solution. It can change the color of the highlights of the main lens, add ovals in the side, especially from the edge.

Does not interfere with normal single focus. The principle of the adapter is slightly different, its lenses have a reversible (reverse) curvature, but functionally it is just as easy to work with. It can function with Sirui lenses both with the dropped 1.33x series - turning into 1.6x, and with the latest series of full-frame 1.6x adapters, which can become full-fledged 2x.

Luxar Anamorphic Adapter is a tandem adapter, it works with other anamorphic lenses and adapters together. Works in tandem with SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x, Sirui 1.33x 35mm, 50mm, 75mm. It is a coefficient booster. Increases compression by 1.2x - 1.25x times.

The adapter has a mount without a clamp of 82 mm.

The rear lens is quite large and strongly convex, extends beyond the lens body (you need to be careful in handling), the front diameter of the adapter is professional - 95mm.

The adapter also works well with other attachments, and can work as an independent solution with wide-angle lenses. Its main ability is to completely change the image in the direction of classic Lomo lenses. Also, at wide angles on the image along the edge of the frame, there may be "grimaces", the edges of the image have a high compression ratio and folding, which are also characteristic of 2x Lomo lenses.

The adapter works with lenses whose front filter does not rotate (in case of rotation of the filter, the adapter must be attached using calipers to the rig in front of the main lens).

Made in a metal case, optics - Schott glass. 

The flare is blue.

It is desirable that the diameter of the front lens of the main lens is less than 70-80 mm.

It is necessary to use very clear and sharp lenses - the anamorphic adapter greatly reduces the depth of field (it is harder to focus), slightly blurs the image, blurs at the edges.

The maximum sharpness of shooting is achieved at a distance of 10-20 meters, when the focal distance is from 20 mm to 80 mm. At a distance closer than 10 m, it may be necessary to use diopters +0.3/+0.5/+1.

The adapter may have structural differences that do not affect the main characteristics.