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Anamorphic adapter Vormaxlens Wideanamorphic 1.3x rev.3

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Production time - 2-3 day.


Wideanamorphic 1.3x rev.3 is enclosed in a metal case with combined glass and polymer optic.

Compression ratio is about 1.3x.

The diameter of the anamorphic adapter is 77 mm. The diameter of the front lens is 75 mm. There is also 77 mm thread for filter (macro filters may be used to shoot very close objects).

This adapter can work with autofocus.

It is better to use the adapter for APS-C and MFT crop cameras.

If you purchase this adapter for a full frame, you should understand that we do not guarantee that it will work on this format.

The adapter is suitable for the Canon 35 mm, Canon 50 mm 1.8, 40 mm 2.8, Mir-1B 37 mm and similar lens on APS-C format and super35 format. There is no vignetting on the crop sensor 1,6 and 1,5 with a focal length of 14-16 mm. On the crop sensor 2 (micro 4/3, 16 mm sensor) there is no vignetting at a focal length of 12-14 mm.

Given values are for fixed focal length lenses. Values may vary for zoom lenses. It is desirable that the diameter of the taking lens front element is less than 50 mm. It is also necessary to use very clear and sharp lenses as the anamorphic adapter greatly reduces the depth of field (it is harder to focus), slightly blurs the image around the edges.

The best performance adapter shows on lenses with a focal length of 14 mm to 50 mm on cameras with a crop factor of 1.5 or 2 (APS-C or MFT).

The maximum sharpness of shooting is achieved at a distance of 10 – 20 meters, when the focus is 20 mm to 50 mm. At a distance closer than 3m, it is necessary to use diopters +0.3/+0.5. If necessary, close-range shooting, if there are no diopters – you can clamp the diaphragm of the taking lens. The sharpness at infinity is in acceptable quality.

Length - 45 mm, diameter - 77 mm, mounting - 67 mm. Weight ~ 150 grams.

The adapter may have structural differences that do not affect the main characteristics.


The adapter does not have a clamping device included.