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Anti-Theft Child Security Window Lock

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About this item
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  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Keep your child protected
  • Anti-thief protection
  • Easy to install
  • Size: 6 x 3.5 x 2.3cm (approx.)
Item description from the seller
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Kids’ naughty behavior makes everyone love them. But because kids are too young to understand the dangers of their actions, it’s critical to keep a close eye on what they’re doing.

Kid’s opening the window and looking outside is a common and risky incident that must be made fully secured.


By using this Anti-Theft Child Security Window Lock.

It prevents your child from opening the window and keeps it safe even you’re not in the room.

What you’ll get:

  • Child protection: This lock securely fixes the window at a place. No matter how much your child tries to open or close the window, this lock stays fastened.
  • Anti-theft protection: In case a thief tries to open the window and enter your home, this clasp keeps the window secured and prevents robbery or unannounced intrusion.
  • Simple installation: No tool and expert is required to install this security window lock. Place it on the window frame, insert the key, then turn the key clockwise or counterclockwise until the key slot closes. Your window lock is now ready to use once the slot is immovable.