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Astronaut Earrings
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Astronaut Earrings
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Astronaut Earrings
Astronaut Earrings
Astronaut Earrings
Astronaut Earrings

Astronaut Earrings

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About this item
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  • Adorable stud earrings
  • Lightweight, comfortable & well-crafted
  • Wear it with any outfit, or style
  • Astronaut material: Acrylic
  • Metal Type: Copper Alloy/ Stainless steel pins
  • For women & men with interest in space
Item description from the seller
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Interested in space or know someone who is a planet fanatic?

Get them excited with this cutest pair of earrings you will ever come across! Having fallen out of the sky, these tiny astronauts will soon become your greatest companion. This pair goes gorgeously with any outfit, especially trendy looks. It's the perfect casual accessory for wearing with jeans and a t-shirt, sweaters, vests, etc. You're in for a star-studded journey when you step out in these little Astronaut Earrings.


Well crafted and adorable, these asymmetrical Astronaut Earrings are light weight and comfortable enough to wear all day long! Versatile enough to fit any style, the sophisticated design appeals to anyone who is interested in astronomy, the stars, space or science in general. What a great accessory to wear with any outfit! If you're tired of the same old boring jewelry, these earrings will surely turn the game around! Unique and funky these Astronaut Earrings are absolutely Out Of This World!


These earrings would make a delightful gift for any occasion! Give them for birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Mother's Day, Christmas, Wedding or Anniversary.


Earring Type: Stud Earrings

Astronaut Material: Acrylic

Metals Type: Copper Alloy/Stainless Steel pins

Weight: Approximately 7g

Size: 1.6 x 2.2 cm/ 0.63" x 0.87"

Package includes: 1 Pair X Astronaut Earrings

Perfect for any fashion-conscious friend or space lover