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Automatic Domino Train Toy

byPlayful Picks
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About this item
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  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • 4 different colored dominoes
  • For kids aging 3 and above
  • Stacking and building toys
  • Powered by 2AA batteries (not included)
  • Domino blocks set (80-pieces)
Item description from the seller
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Domino is a game of bonding, love, and endless fun. If you have seen the domino effect trend all over the internet, you must know what we are talking about.

Little kids and adults all seem to be obsessed with stacking and knocking them out. So march your way into the world of fun and excitement with the best domino train toy.

This domino stacking train isn’t like any other traditional toy that keeps your kid engaged for a short time. Instead, it is among the educational toys that will help them recognize colors and encourage their thinking abilities.

What you will get:

  • Creative and educational toy: This automatic domino train is an innovative toy to teach your children color recognition, hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor and game building skills right from a young age. Let them play and learn simultaneously with this train toy.

  • Multiple uses: Perfect for making your children learn the domino effect concept at a younger age, this domino laying train will also let them play with the blocks separately for a fun domino game. 

  • Help them learn with a fun twist: Lay the domino blocks in an alphabetical form to help your kids learn the ABC while playing. He/she won’t even realize it’s their study time and not playtime. :)

  • Domino-builder Train: The train in this domino stacking machine toy is not just a train that moves on tracks. Instead, it creates a domino rally as it moves. All perfect to let you knock them out. Hehe.

  • Innovative gifts for kids: Get the lego domino toy for your kids birthday or your sister’s children. Literally, the best present choice for Christmas, birthdays, or the first day at school.