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Automatic Easy Opener

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About this item
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  • Made of New ABS material
  • One button press opens jars no twisting force required
  • Can be used for jars, cans, or bottles
  • Adjusts with almost all types of lids
  • Available in an elegant white body
  • Best for people who have arthritis-like syndromes
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Sometimes, a lid is so stuck that no amount of muscle or willpower on Earth will loosen it! Tapping, prying, rubber grips... sometimes nothing works. That is, UNTIL NOW! 

This innovative, Automatic Easy Opener makes opening jars amazingly simple and it can open a wide variety of jars from small to large and every size in-between.

  • Automatic single-button operation jar opener
  • Perfect for any hard to open jar or bottle
  • Just place the one touch, easy opener on top of the jar, press the button and it'll be open in seconds
  • You don't even have to hold on to the opener! It rotates around automatically!
  • Stores conveniently in a drawer
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of bottles or jars and you can even use it for opening plastic bottle caps

The Automatic Easy Opener is perfect for people who suffer with the painful symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, etc.

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Gloria. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
It was just what i was looking for to make my own hamburgers. Order was placed and arrived within a few day . Packaged well. Will do business with you again.
ryan. h.flag imageVerified Purchase
Works great
Angela. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
So delighted with my burger maker. It’s sturdy lovely size
Anonymous Anonymousflag imageVerified Purchase
I had one of these for at least 10 years, I used all the time and I loved it. I relied on it. I always kept extra batteries just in case. But recently it broke where I couldn't repair it. I never expected to find another one just like it, still in the same box. I hope this one lasts as long as the other one did. Best jar/bottle opener ever!!
Listed on 7 September, 2018