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BUTTERFLY Personalized money box for kids Christmas gift for kids Wooden piggy bank for boys girls Wooden Coin Saver

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About this item
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WOODPRESENTS has been making natural wood gifts since 2017, we offer authentic quality that is hard to beat. If you are looking for unique personalized gifts for kids for birthdays, baby showers, Easter, Christmas, then rest assured we will meet your every need.

The design of all our large collection of piggy banks is original, designed by us, and suitable for both boys and girls and adults for anniversaries, thanksgiving, or any other occasion.

Discover other handmade gifts from our unique collection of more than 60 piggy banks.

Item description from the seller
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WOODPRESENTS Butterfly Piggy Bank, a high quality product that will help to build lifetime habits.

WOODPRESENTS is a family owned brand that relies on the love and care we put into our expertly crafted wooden products. It's a great honour to be able to share our home-manufactured work with customers from all around the world and we hope that you become as attached to our vast artisanal wooden product range (extending from unique pendant lamps to kids toys and everything in between!) as we do! We're also extremely proud of our efforts to maintain sustainable forestry practices and we place it at the forefront of everything we do, so when a tree is removed for the production of our great products, we ensure that one is planted in its place. 

Benefits of our butterfly piggy bank for kids...

Perfect Sizes, big enough for years of saving

Habit Building, a great routine to get into for young people

Unique Nursery Decor,  a cute addition to your little ones room

Ideal Gift, a great gift idea for uncles, aunties and grandparents 

Eco-Friendly, sustainable materials and practices only

All of our products stay current with our company ethos of great attention to detail and high-quality finishes, and this idea is certainly kept true with our wooden butterfly piggy banks for children! The oak wood used provides a modern but traditional-antique feel to our wooden box piggy bank butterfly and when accompanied with the sleek and stylish transparent plexiglass, a practical but also easy-on-the-eye money-saving toy is created! Watch your little one's confidence and sense of responsibility grow with each coin they pop into their wooden boy piggy bank. 

Please note: wood is a natural material and the end finish may slightly vary from product to product. 

WOODPRESENTS Wood Butterfly Money Bank, goodness that will serve them for what life has in store!