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Baby Kids Shower Cap
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Baby Kids Shower Cap
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Baby Kids Shower Cap
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Baby Kids Shower Cap
Baby Kids Shower Cap
Baby Kids Shower Cap
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Baby Kids Shower Cap

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About this item

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  • Size: 26cm x 29 cm approx.
  • Made of non-toxic silicone
  • Comes with Adjustable easy-to-go with child skin bands
  • Bacteria-resistant silicone for no harms
  • Doesnt leak, collapse, or opens during showering
  • Recommended age up to 3 years
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Bath time can be a lot of fun, that is, until it's time to shampoo and condition baby's hair. Kids will make a fuss about closing their eyes and eventually the soap or shampoo will get in their eyes making them cry their lungs out. 


No more a fun chore for sure. 


But we have something that will enable you to give a carefree, and enjoyable bath to the young infants. Get your hands on our baby kids shower cap which is the perfect bath accessory for kids less than the age of three.


This baby shower cap prevents shampoo and conditioner from going inside the baby’s eyes and hence making them enjoy the bath even more.


What you’ll get:

  • Sturdy design: Not like traditional, cheaper-quality shower caps. The curved plastic visor does not collapse under the falling water and ensures that the shampoo or soap stays aways from baby’s eyes.

  • Adjustable band: The buckle on the back side of this toddler shower cap can be loosened or tightened according to the size of the head. 

  • Environmental-friendly material: It is constructed with bacteria-resistant silicone that is not harmful to the environment and lasts longer.

  • Leak-proof: Doesn’t allow any shampoo or water to enter the eyes, ears and face of the kid. Fits comfortably and securely without causing any irritation to the child.


How to use:

  • Wet the head of your child before securing the baby kids shower cap to prevent frictional hair pulling

  • Hold the hair and secure the elastic band of the cap such that all the hair should be above the bill. This allows all the hair to be washed.

  • It's best to have the bill of the cap resting just above the forehead, while the back of the cap sits just above the ears.